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  • Visitor sign in book at security.

  • Are visitors briefed on entry.

  • Visitors escorted at all times while on site.

  • Are walkways clear and free of trip hazards.

  • Bins emptied regularly, office area clean and tidy.

  • Electrical leads tested and tagged as required.

  • First aid kit inspected and in date.

  • Access to first aid kit clear and free from obstruction.

  • Fluorescent lights working, not flickering, blown, ect.

  • Adequate ventilation in office area.

  • Emergency exit diagrams displayed through office.

  • Up to date company policy's and safety alerts on notice board.

Yard and Parking areas.

  • Are the Yard and Parking areas clean and free from debris.

  • Fire fighting equipment available and in test date.

  • Trucks and Trailers parked correctly.

  • Parking areas clearly marked, delineated.

  • Electrical leads, Air hoses, Water hoses correctly stored, and not laying on the ground.

  • Tyre store clean and free for debris.

  • Tyres stored in a safe manner, not over stacked, or cause injury when one is removed.

Wash Bay Area.

  • Clean and free from debris.

  • Walkways free from trip hazards.

  • Cleaning equipment correctly stored after use. Wash Poles, Pressure Washer Hose, Chemicals, ect.

  • Access platform in safe condition.

  • Adequate cleaning supplies on hand.

POL Store

  • Area and Access clean and free from debris.

  • SDS in folder behind door, in date and correct.

  • Drums / Products correctly labeled.

  • Spill kit available and correctly stocked.

Drivers Room.

  • Clean and free from debris.

  • Walkways free from trip hazards.

  • Access to first aid kit clear and free from obstruction.

  • First aid kit inspected and in date.

  • Sink area clean and free from food scraps.

  • Bins emptied regularly.

  • Cooking equipment, fridge, kept clean.

  • Adequate supplies of drinking water.

  • Notice board up to date with current safety alerts, memos, ect.

  • I have completed the above inspection, any actions resulting from this inspection will be entered into RISC or RAMS as required.

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