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  • Completes pre start check

  • Cabin Familiarisation<br> Seat Belt<br> Mirrors<br> Seat position<br> Work Diary<br>

Start up

  • Checks park brake

  • Selects neutral

  • Minimal use of starter

  • Checks gauges

Moving off

  • Physically checks road is clear

  • Selects correct gear

  • Signals intention

  • Allows traffic to flow

  • Releases park /hand brake

  • Uses sufficient revs

  • Rides clutch

  • Cancels signal

Ascents / Descents

  • Flat accelerates without stalling or excessive jerking

  • Ascent uses appropriate gear

  • Ascent accelerates without stalling or excessive jerking

  • Descent uses appropriate gear

  • Descent accelerates without stalling or excessive jerking

  • Keeps within speed limits

  • Changes gear smoothly

  • Keeps correct following distance

  • Uses engine brake correctly to control to control vehicle

Clutch operation

  • Rides clutch

  • Releases to quickly

  • Rests foot on clutch pedal

  • Rides clutch to a halt

Gear changing

  • Changes when required

  • Maintains steady course

  • Returns hand to wheel

  • Selects correct gear

General driving

  • Controls accelerator

  • Uses mirrors correctly

  • Correct road position

  • Adheres to sped limits

  • Correct following distance

Intersections / Roundabouts

  • Approaches at a safe speed

  • Signals intention

  • Checks for other traffic

  • Stays back from choked intersections

  • Changes gear to late

  • Gives way

  • Cancels signal


  • Correctly judges speed and distance

  • Uses mirrors and physically checks before changing lanes

  • Gives correct signal

  • Keeps within correct lane whilst checking mirrors/ blind spots

  • Allows space to reenter lane

Turning and roundabouts

  • Gives signal correctly and at least 3 seconds 3 flashes

  • Correctly positions vehicle before turning left

  • Correctly positions vehicle before turning right

  • Correctly positions vehicle before approaching roundabout

  • Considers traffic before turning

  • Selects correct gear before corner

  • Turns at safe speed

Traffic sense

  • Observes traffic movement

  • Plans own movements

  • Anticipates traffic changes

  • Accelerates smoothly

  • Stops smoothly

  • Controls vehicle safely in an emergency

  • Applies road law


  • Signals intention

  • Adopts safe speed

  • Checks rear before reversing

  • Uses mirrors when reversing

  • Reverses safely without unnecessary turns

Couple / Uncouple trailer Assessment type verbal or practical

  • Safe coupling of trailer and prime mover

  • Safe uncoupling of trailer and prime mover


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