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  • Big Bell Mine Site Administration

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Weekly Tasks

  • Clean & Dust Board/Meeting Room Windows, Window Sills

  • Have the glass entrance doors been cleaned?

  • Has the exterior of the admin building been swept and hosed down?

  • Has it been cleaned under the boot grids?

  • Have all the cobwebs been removed on the outside and inside of the building?

  • Have all the AC unit filters been cleaned?

Minesite Administration

Mine Site Administration

  • Have the interior and exterior of the fridges been wiped down?

  • Has the office kitchenette been cleaned?

  • Have the kitchenette bins been emptied and replaced with new bin liners?

  • Have the ACM & West Gold offices been swept?

  • Have the ACM & West Gold office bins been emptied & replaced with new liners?

  • Are the office floors areas been Swept Well?

  • Have the office doors been wiped down?

  • Have the office windows ledges been wiped down?

  • Has the Mine Site Cleaning Checklist been signed off daily?

  • Have all Sodexo Staff Signed In and Out and completed a breath?

Mens Ablution Block

  • Shower Cubicles Cleaned including Drain Cover and under mats

  • Floors cleaned properly including under mats

  • Toilets including S Bends Cleaned

  • Mirrors Cleaned

  • Rubbish bins emptied and new bags

  • Clean towels stocked in proper areas

  • Clean Urinal and Change Pads

  • Clean dryer lint filter

  • All lights Working

  • No tagged out electrical equipment

Female Ablution Block

  • Shower Cubicles Cleaned inc Under Mats

  • Floors Cleaned Properly inc Under mats

  • Sanitary Bins Emptied and New Bags

  • Toilets Cleaned inc S Bend

  • Mirrors Cleaned

  • Rubbish Bins Emptied and New Bags

  • Clean Towels stocked in proper areas

  • Dirty towels removed and washed

  • Clean Air Conditioner Filters twice a month

  • All lights working

  • No tagged out electrical equipment

Prestart Area

  • Floors swept and mopped properly

  • Fridges exterior wiped and clean

  • Fridges Interior wiped and clean

  • Sink area clean

  • Crib station topped up from supplies below sink


  • Male Toilets Cleaned

  • Female Toilets Cleaned

  • Workshop Crib Room Cleaned

  • Workshop Crib Room Fridge cleaned

  • Rubbish Bins Emptied and new bags

  • Maintenance Crib Room Cleaned

  • Maintenance Crib Room Fridge Cleaned

  • All Rubbish Removed from area at end of clean

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