Title Page

  • Property Name:

  • Address:

  • Date of Visit:

  • Name of Service Representative:

  • Name of Advisor:

Section 1 - Opening Meeting

Introductions and format of the visit

  • Introductions

  • Today's interim visit is a key part of your Service Level Agreement with Oldham Council Health & Safety team.
    Interim visits are carried out annually between full audits/inspections, which take place every three years.

    This is an opportunity to revisit any outstanding items from your last audit/visit, to discuss any current health & safety issues affecting your property and also to answer any health & safety queries you may have.

Last H&S Audit

  • Date of last full H&S Audit:

  • Audit carried out by:

General Information

  • Name of Service Manager:

  • Name of onsite Manager/Senior:

  • Staff Headcount:

  • Service User Headcount:

General Notes

Section 2 - Points To Discuss

Outstanding actions from last H&S Audit

  • Discuss any outstanding actions from Last H&S Audit / Interim visit.

  • Details of actions Service has taken since last H&S Audit / Interim Visit


  • Discuss any H&S training requirements.

  • Any notes applicable to H&S training.

Fire Risk Assessment

  • Does the property have a Fire Risk Assessment?

  • Date of last Fire Risk Assessment:

  • Fire Risk Assessment carried out by:

  • Any notes applicable to Fire Risk Assessment


  • Has the service had any serious accidents since our last visit?

  • If applicable, details of any Serious Accidents.


  • Do the service receive Medical Device alerts?

  • Details of Medical Device Alerts discussed:

Finger Trapping

  • Have the service reviewed all areas where finger trapping may occur?

  • Details of finger trapping points discussed:

Walk Around Property

  • Carry out a physical walk around the property.

  • Details of area walked around:

  • Issue No.
  • Health & Safety Issue:

  • Location (if required):

  • Photo (if required):

  • Action required:

Any other H&S Matters

  • Discuss any other H&S matters the Service / H&S Advisor have.

  • Issue No.
  • Health & Safety Issue:

  • Location (if required):

  • Photo (if required):

  • Action required:


  • H&S Advisors Signature

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