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  • 1. Do staff wear uniforms correctly and have appropriate attitude?
    • Be impeccably dressed and well-mannered
    • Do they wear in a visible manner their Airport badge?

  • 2. Do staff welcome customers with a smile showing involvement and a pro-active attitude?
    Are they attentive to passengers’ needs?

  • 3. Are ck-in desks clean, tidy and equipped with all stationary required?

  • 4. Are ck-in desks open according to carrier/airport requirements?

  • 5. Are appropriate logo displayed on the monitors (code-share where relevant) for the correct information to passengers?

  • 6. Are there posters describing the list of prohibited articles shown at check-in counters?
    (posters must be clearly visible to passengers)

  • 7. Are security questioning of passengers performed and the posters with prohibited items addressed to, in order to make passengers aware about their restriction for carriage?

  • 8. Are liquids security regulations available at ck-in?

  • 9. Is pax identity ckd by examination of the photo compared to the document holder?
    • Is the name of the pax document ckd on PNL shown on dcs?

  • 10. Is passport/ID Card validity and Visa requirements (if applicable) ckd?

  • 11. Is hold baggage properly marked with tags showing at least the name of pax, the flt number and destination, the date?

  • 12. Is the correct heavy tag procedure applied?

  • 13. Is hand baggage policy strictly applied (weight and dimensions of hand bags ckd); use of gauges where available?
    (the forbidden items poster may be used as a reference for this)

  • 14. Do staff provide all relevant information regarding:
    • Status of the flt
    • Boarding time
    • Boarding gate
    • Location of security control to have access to boarding area
    • Reason of delay (where applicable)

  • 15. Is staff aware of “weapons and ammunitions transportation” procedure?

  • 16. Is staff aware about UNRULY and/or DISRUPTIVE passengers procedure?

  • 17. Is staff aware about the procedure and restrictions in case of “electronic mobility aids” transportation by air?

  • 18. Do staff take leave of passengers in a polite form?

  • 19. Are “Passenger Rights” signs (EU regulation n.261/2004) clearly shown at ck-in counters?

  • 20. Is all stationary removed from ck-in desks at closure and properly secured and protected against theft or illegal use?

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