• 1. Are staff present at boarding gate according to scheduled/expected boarding time?

  • 2. Is boarding agent ensuring that the correct flt information, boarding/departure time is shown on the airport FIDS system?

  • 3. Are staff providing pax with relevant information in case of boarding delayed for any reasons?

  • 4. Are staff ensuring that the correct boarding announcements are made (by Apt Public Address system or locally made by boarding agent) as per carrier requirements (Priority Boarding, PRM, Infants)?

  • 5. Are there posters describing the list of prohibited articles shown at gate?
    (posters must be clearly visible to passengers)

  • 6. Are staff checking that the passenger boarding card is correct for that flt?

  • 7. Are staff cross-checking the name on passenger's boarding card against pax ID documents?

  • 8. Are all customers boarding pass verified and scanned with the Gate reader?

  • 9. Are staff strictly monitoring cabin baggage as per carrier hand bag policy?
    (mandatory use of cabin baggage gauge where available)

  • 10. Are all not compliant cabin baggage correctly labelled and notified to TRC in order to let them be removed at A/C side or at gate and included into final baggage reconciliation?

  • 11. Are all the mandatory fields in the label used for non-compliant hand baggages correctly filled in?
    (pax name or seq. nr. , flt number, destination and date)

  • 12. Has a luggage receipt been given to the customers, whose carry-on bag has been removed at Gate?

  • 13. Are customers, whose hand baggage has been offloaded from A/C at Gate, been requested to remove any “forbidden items” (e.g. spare lithium batteries, PED, etc.), valuable things, medicines or important docs from their carry-on baggage?

    (the forbidden items poster may be used as a reference for this)

  • 14. Is the total number of carry-on bags removed at gate communicated to W&B/TRC, in order to update DCS and flight documentation accordingly?

  • 15. In case of not boarding/offloaded passengers, has been their bags searched for and removed from hold and the DCS updated, prior the departure of the aircraft?

  • 16. Are pax/bags final figures and any relevant information/remarks transmitted to TRC before boarding closure?

  • 17. Are any discrepancies detected during boarding process resolved prior to flt departure?

  • 18. Upon boarding completion/closure, are staff removing all sensitive stationery from the gate and verifying the gate door is properly alarmed to avoid any inappropriate or illegal use?

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