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Inspection Checklist

  • Are all walking or working surfaces free of tripping/slipping hazards?

  • Are all exit doors unobstructed?

  • Is there at least three (3) feet clearance in front of electrical panels/breaker boxes?

  • Is all electrical equipment plugged directly into wall outlets?

  • Is emergency equipment (alarm pull boxes, eyewashes, showers, etc.) accessible and not blocked by equipment?

  • Are emergency lights operational?

  • Are all self-closing doors operational?

  • Is access to fire extinguishers clear and unobstructed?

  • Are all extinguishers properly inspected (monthly) and maintained (annually)?

  • Is AED in proper storage cabinet and unobstructed?

  • Does the AED display window have a green blinking light or OK checkmark?

  • Are attached pads within the expiration date?

  • Has inspection card been signed and dated?

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