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1. Medication Room

  • Are the medicine cupboards locked?

  • Is the medication room door locked when the room is not in use?

  • Are refrigerator temperature records complete daily to demonstrate storage between 2-8 degrees centigrade?

  • Are refrigerators cleaned and well maintained

  • Is the room clean, tidy and free from unnecessary items?

  • Are there suitable procedures in place for recording the disposal of medications?

2. Non-CD Medication

  • Is the medicine cupboard clean and organised?

  • Are medications stored in their original package?

  • Sample 5: Is the date of opening clearly stated for liquids, creams and other limited life medications?

5. Drug Chart Review

  • Are there any gaps in the MAR charts? (missing signatures)

  • Is there an up to date signature sheet in the drug folder?

6. Oxygen Administration Review

  • Is there an oxygen mask in each room?

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