Security / Safety Observations

Are entrance and exit doors closed and secured?

Are the entrances free of trip hazards?

Is there clear access to the emergency exit routes and doors have free and clear access away from the buildings?

Is the emergency exit route well signed and understood by staff? (Inclusion in the staff induction package).

Is the line of site from the nurses station or observation area preserved as much as practicable to reduce ova risks?

Are visitor and family access arrangement controlled and monitored for ova risks to staff?

General Safety Observations

Are floors clean and in good repair?

Are corridors free of obstacles and clutter?

Lighting is adequate

Is the Air conditioning is working and effective?

Are the doors serviceable, in good repair and signed appropriately (eg fire or smoke doors, exit or staff only, chemical or gas storage areas)

Are the windows serviceable and in good repair?

Additional Comments

Health and Safety Notice Board

Is the health and safety notice board up to date?

Is there a WorkCover (sling man) poster displayed?


Is there asbestos contained within your ward area?

Is the asbestos contained and is a safe condition.

Additional comments

OT Kitchen/ward kitchen and retherm trolleys

Are the kitchen floors clean and not slippery?

Are there standard operating procedures for the plant or high risk equipment in the kitchen (eg industrial cold store or ovens?)

Are there fire extinguishers and fire blankets available?

Cleaners room

Does the cleaners room contain chemicals?

Is the cleaners room secured?

Hazardous substances and chemicals on the ward

Is there a chemical register for the ward?

Are Material Safety Data Sheets are available?

Are the Material Safety Data Sheets up to date (within three years of printing) ?

Do all containers containing chemicals have a label showing container contents?

Medication Storage

Is the Medication room or trolley tidy and locked?

Patient Rooms including access to toilets and showers

Have health and safety issues related to the residents rooms such as manual handling, slips trips and falls and OVA been controlled

Do you have adequate lifting equipment to control patient related manual handling risks?

Is your wheeled, biomedical and lifting equipment registered as part of the preventative maintenance schedule?

Patient dining or lounge rooms

Are the Common Rooms in good condition without OHS risks?

OT Gym / Rehabilitation Facility

Is the equipment in good repair?

Is there a schedule for rehabilitation equipment to be maintained?

Electrical Safety

Are all extension cords and power cords free from visible damage?

Has tagging and testing been completed within the last 12 months?

Does the facility have residual current device protection

Fire extinguishers

They are tagged and tested within the last 6 months?

Storage of gas cylinders

Are O2 cylinders stored properly and secured?

Are storage areas for oxygen labelled as per dangerous goods requirements?

Is the area free from ignition sources? Not under power points?

Personal Protective Equipment

Do you have all the PPE that you require for your work area?

Are workers, including contractors, using appropriate PPE including mowing and spraying activities?

Outstanding BIEMS Issues

Have all BIEMS issues or reports been properly addressed?

Audit Comments

Additional Audit Comments

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.