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  • Textron Aviation Monthly Safety Audit Checklist

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General Work Area

  • Trip Hazards: No unnecessary items on the floor?

  • All safety showers and eye washes accessible, in working order, clean and inspected. Fire Extinguishers are inspected monthly, visible and, accessible.

  • Pedestrian walkways, vehicle aisles and emergency exits are clear - signed appropriately.

  • Gas cylinders stored properly.

  • All overhead equipment (OHE), cranes, hoists, hooks, slings, other lifting equipment are in good condition. Check inspection sticker for currency.

  • Air tools not in use are unplugged when operator is away from work area. Compressed air is not being used for cleaning clothes.

  • Forklifts signed off each shift. Scissor lifts and other industrial vehicles in safe condition. Gate closed while working.

  • Stands, platforms, ladders, are in good condition, proper working order, and used properly.

  • Food and drink stored properly and away from debris and chemicals.

  • No unsafe behavior or situations (cell phones in aisle, running, material stacked dangerously, etc.).


  • FOD removed from area and aircraft, unused items stored properly (fastners, bucking bars etc.).

Hazardous Communication

  • Chemicals stored properly, labels are visible and in good condition - Chemicals within expiration date.

  • ___________________________ has successfully demonstrated how to access an SDS. (input the name of the employee)


  • 5 gallon hazardous waste step cans labeled, closed - emptied at the end of shift, and used properly.

  • Trash containers free of hazardous waste (floor sweepings, chemicals, etc.).

  • 55 gallon and large hazardous waste satellite accumulation drums stored and closed properly.

Electrical / Air

  • No obstructions within 36 inches of electrical panels and disconnects.

  • All electrical cords and air hoses are in good condition and used properly, air hoses and fittings are NOT leaking.

  • All required grounding wires are connected.


  • Broken equipment is quarantined and tagged for repair and/or Lock Out, Tag Out (LOTO) plans posted.

  • Everyone in area wearing appropriate PPE.

  • All guards and safety mechanisms for machines and power tools in place, functioning properly, and necessary labels visible. Guards are not bypassed.

  • Sharp edges are protected.

Corrective Actions / Best Practices


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