Section 1: Premises and Housekeeping

Facilities & Structures

  • Lighting sufficient for tasks undertaken

  • Floors maintained free from dirt, liquids, debris, tools and materials

  • Walkways, store areas and keep clear zones clearly demarcated

Site Documentation

  • Are Pre-start toolbox meetings conducted and documented?


  • Toilet facilities maintained in a clean hygienic condition.

  • Crib/lunch room facilities include adequate seating, sink with hot and cold potable water.

  • Crib/lunch room facilities maintained in a clean hygienic condition.

Guarding and Barricades

  • Machine guarding is in place around all rotating machinery such as elevators, belts etc.

Eye washes and safety showers

  • Eye washes and safety showers are accessible.

  • Suitable signs and lights indicate the presence of eyewashes and safety showers.

  • Eye washes and safety showers are clean and operational

Workplace signage

  • Signs are legible.

  • Signs are in place to inform PPE requirements.

Storage Areas

  • Storage racks purpose built with appropriate durable shelving.

  • Flammable liquids stored in purpose built cupboards.

  • Acids, chemicals and corrosives stored in accordance with MSDS and Dangerous Goods Requirements

Waste Management

  • Rubbish bins and bulk bins available, emptied and covered as appropriate

Spill Management

  • Suitable absorbents used for clean-up

  • Spill kits maintained and available

  • Spill procedures current and available

Re-fuelling Facilities

  • Fuel overflow collection facility i.e. sump or similar installed

  • Ease of access to overflow facility to clean/drain

  • Emergency stop fitted and accessible

Wash Down Facilities

  • Sealed wash down area

  • Waste water collection and containment measures installed

  • Water disposed of appropriately

Section 2:​ Mechanical, Electrical, Environment and Personal Safeguarding

Confined Spaces

  • Confined space signs visible

  • Confined space permits being used

  • Personnel trained

Plant and Isolation

  • Equipment has an isolation point that can have a lock attached to it

  • Sufficient personal danger tags and out of service tags

  • Personnel have a personal isolation lock

Ladders, Handrails & Scaffolding

  • Portable ladders in good condition with non-slip feet

  • Fixed ladders guarded and in good condition.

Lifting Gear

  • SWL’s displayed

  • Inspection records current

Pressure Vessels & Cylinders

  • Flash back arrestors fitted and hoses and fittings in good condition

  • Pressure vessels registered and in good condition

  • Cylinders stored and transported correctly

Hazardous Substances (Cleaning agents and chemicals)

  • Stored Correctly

  • MSDS Available

  • Hazardous substance register

Mobile Plant

  • Pre-start checklist completed daily

  • Fire extinguishers present

  • Serviced regularly

Electrical Installations and Equipment

  • Leads and equipment have current tags

  • RCDs used

  • Portable/extension leads tagged and protected from traffic / water

Respiratory Equipment

  • Provided where required

  • Equipment clean and serviceable

Workplace Noise

  • Noise areas identified

  • Hearing protectors provided

Bulk Storage

  • Hydrocarbon drums and bulk tanks contained by suitable bunding.

  • Bunding is free from water, vegetation and debris.

  • Bunds are closed to prevent spills and able to be drained of accumulated water.

  • Storage tanks and drums are free from leaks.

Fire and Emergency Evacuation

  • Extinguishers in place and accessible?

  • Signs indicating specific use of extinguishers?

  • Exits clear of obstructions?

  • Extinguishers checked 6 monthly and tagged?

  • Emergency Assembly Point in place and signed?

  • Has the site conducted a site evacuation in the past 12 months?

First Aid

  • Cabinets and contents clean and orderly?

  • No replacement materials required?

  • Cabinets contents checked regularly?

  • Name: Signature: Date:

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