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  • August 25, 2015

  • Personnel Conducting Inspection

  • Location
  • Tank ID Number

  • Tank Description

Distribution System

  • Do elevated tank foundations have cracks, corrosion or rusty shells?

  • Is the tank in good condition? Meaning are the paint, welds, bolts and rivets, and seams in good condition?

  • Are the tank valves secured and locked?

  • Is the tank properly labeled for contents?

  • Is there corrosion or clogging at the vent pipe?

  • Is the tank gauge accurate and does it move freely?

  • Is oil, staining or other signs of leaks or spills present in the tank area?

  • The pipes, connections, hoses and supports show signs of corrosion or leaks?

  • Is there cracking or seeping at the joints present ?

Secondary Containment

  • Is there settlement, cracking, or seeping at the joints?I

  • If contained water is present, are there oil sheens?

  • Are there drums, debris, trash, vegetation or miscellaneous materials inside the died area?

  • If double walled or self contained tank, is the interstitial space free of material?


  • Are there adequate spill supplies?

  • Is there adequate lighting?

Drum/Tote Inspection

  • Are the drums/totes elevated with pallets?

  • Are there dents, corrosion or leaks?

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