38.8. Multimedia Operations Checklist.

  • 38.8.1. Have photographic laboratory personnel been trained in AFI 90-821, Hazardous
    Communication, procedures? Reference 38.1.1

  • 38.8.2. Are processing rooms ventilation systems designed to meet UFC 3-410-01FA and ACGIH‘s
    Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Operations and Maintenance 0
    requirements? Reference 38.1.3

  • 38.8.3. Are all maintenance personnel and visitors briefed on hazards in the photographic facility
    prior to entry and commencing work? Reference 38.1.4

  • 38.8.4. Are chemicals stored in compliance with the guidelines provided by their MSDS? Reference

  • 38.8.5. Do floor drains in the chemical storage area connect to holding tanks? Reference 38.1.6

  • 38.8.6. Are corrosives stored in shatterproof or thick-walled glass containers protected with
    wooded/plastic frames? Reference 38.1.7

  • 38.8.7. Do electrical sources in wet locations meet appropriate electrical standards? Reference 38.1.9

  • 38.8.8. Is an inter-room communication/alarm system installed in the photographic laboratory areas
    where workers can be isolated? Reference 38.2

  • 38.8.9. Are eyewash and emergency shower facilities available in areas where hazardous chemicals
    are handled? Reference 38.3

  • 38.8.10. Are the fire extinguishers of the correct size, type and quantity available in the facility per
    the installation FES Flight? Reference 38.4

  • 38.8.11. Are all egress pathways identified and labeled with signage visible in normal lighting and in
    subdued lighting? Reference 38.4.2

  • 38.8.12. Are all exits pathways kept clear to facilitate the evacuation of the workspace? Reference

  • 38.8.13. Are photographers who use electronic flash equipment trained on the potential hazards
    associated with the equipment? Reference 38.5

  • 38.8.14. Do photographers consult with clients on hazards they may be exposed to prior to
    photographic assignments? Reference 38.6.1

  • 38.8.15. Are all photographic chemicals disposed of in compliance with the installation
    Environmental Management office? Reference 38.7.2

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