• NBN Wireless Installations Post Inspection

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Document No.

Inspectors Risk Assessment

  • Hazards

  • Controls

  • Residual Risk Level

  • Add signature

Post Inspection

  • Fault Description

  • Was the Fault caused by the Installation

  • How was Fault caused

  • Provide Photos of the Fault (Mandatory)

Customer Details

  • Work Order

  • Ericsson Client ID

  • Customer Name

  • Type Address or Press Locate
  • State

  • Inspection Date

  • NTD ID

General Safety

  • Was a Risk Assessment carried out before you started the Inspection

  • Do you have a copy of the SWMS and MSDS forms available on your tablet or a hard copy in your vehicle

  • Is the SWMS reflected in the work practice

  • Were all safety procedures followed

  • First Aid Kit carried in your vehicle

  • Fire Extinguisher carried in your vehicle

Height Safety

  • Did you wear a Harness

  • Select Response why Harness not used

  • Was an Anchor point used

  • Was a Safety Rope used

  • Is your Harness in good condition

  • Has your Harness been inspected in the last 6 months

  • Photo of Anchor point

Ladder Safety

  • Was your Ladder secured

  • Select response why Ladder not used

  • Did your Ladder extend 900mm past the landing

  • Did you have 3 points of contact while using the Ladder

  • Was the Ladder appropriate for the task

  • Is your Ladder in good condition

  • Photo of Ladder secured

ODU and Mount

  • Mount Type

  • Metal batten kit used

  • Metal Batten Used

  • Does the ODU have a clear LOS over the roof even though the RSRP reading is a pass?

  • The ODU needs to have a clear LOS over the roof to maximise the signal, if this has not been achieved then state the reason why not

  • Is the mount in a good location

  • Is the mount secured and the roof sealed

  • Is the mount fitted to the Manufactures specifications

  • Is the S Bend Drip Loop correct

  • Is the weather boot fitted

  • Is the cable secured to the mount with Black Cable Ties and Electrical Tape

  • Is the cable penetration sealed with silicon

  • Is the Cable mechanically protected

  • List your comments below ( Mandatory )

  • Photo of ODU and Mount

Cable run and IDU

  • Estimated cable length

  • Was external Cat5 flooded cable used

  • Was conduit used with the correct amount of saddles

  • How was conduit secured?

  • Does the Cat5 cable have 100mm separation from power cables

  • Does the wall plate have 150mm separation from a power point ( centre to centre of each plate )

  • Was an NBN labeled wall plate used

  • Is the IDU in a good location

  • Has the IDU been secured to the wall with proper fixings

  • Is the IDU 300mm from the floor

  • Has the security lock been fitted

  • Are the cables tidy ( patch lead & power lead )

  • Has internal Cat 5E been used for the patch lead

  • What colour is the patch lead

  • List your comments below ( Mandatory )

  • Photo of IDU and wall plate

HCS compliance

  • Do you have an ID badge with Risk calculator

Photos of Post Inspection

  • Photos of Fault

  • ODU and Mount

  • IDU-Wall Plate

  • Have you checked all photos

Inspection Results

  • Is any rework required

  • List reworks required

  • Who is responsible for the Rework

  • Date rework to be completed

  • List your comments below ( Mandatory )


  • Subcontractor Signature

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