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  • Location

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on


  • Latches are accessible

  • Open and close easily


  • Open and close without creating a hazard

  • Door closers fitted & operating where required

Floor coverings

  • Intact, no trip hazard, not slippery


  • Hand rails and access steps are provided

  • Flooring is sound and in good condition


  • Vents are in good condition

  • Intact, no cracks or loose material

  • Lights secure and sufficiently bright

Hanging Art Work

  • String line available for student art work

  • String line can be lowered to attach/remove art work


  • Ladders are of industrial standards and are in good condition


  • Desks in good condition (students)

  • Chairs are in good condition (students)

  • Desk in good condition (staff)

  • Chairs are in good condition (staff)

  • Computers are placed in suitable location

General ventilation

  • Adequate natural ventilation


  • Operating correctly


  • Adequate guarding to prevent contact burns

  • Operating correctly

Classroom layout

  • Clear access around room (inc. head space)


  • Floor is free from trip hazards

  • Display items are secure & reachable when standing on floor

Storage of materials

  • Shelving is fit for purpose, secure and safe

  • Frequently used items are stored at mid height

  • Student schoolbags stored out of the way


  • Electrical cords and plugs are in good condition with no splits

  • Equipment is currently tagged & last inspection date recorded

  • Power boards are not overloaded

Waste disposal

  • There is no buildup of waste and bin areas are clean

Evacuation plan

  • Clearly displayed

First Aid

  • First aid facilities are available/accessible and suitable for tasks

  • List of First Aid Officers is displayed


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