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Page 2: Main checklist

Storage of materials

  • Shelving is fit for purpose, secure and safe

  • Frequently used items are stored at mid-height

  • Floor is free from obstructions and trip hazards


  • Chemicals are stored in suitable containers

  • There is no evidence of spillage or leaks

  • The area is free from food and drink containers

  • There are hand washing facilities available

Hazardous Substances

  • Flammables stored in designated area. Refer to "Store and handle fuel' on IKON for maximum fuel quantities

  • Limited access into storage areas for students

  • Safety data sheets (SDS) available and less than 5 years old

  • Hazardous substances stored as per SDS and labelled

  • Risk assessment has been completed for hazardous substances and recorded with relevant controls in place

  • Fungicides, pesticides, insecticides are stored in lockable designated area

  • Fuels and fertilizers are stored separately


  • Lighting is adequate in storeroom and workshop


  • Ventilation adequate to prevent vapour build up

Machine Guarding

  • Guards are adequate, in place and secure

  • There are no exposed chain drives, belt drives

Manual tools

  • Spades, rakes, shovels are in good condition

  • Wheel barrow, trolleys are in good condition

  • Ladders are of industrial standards and are in good condition


  • Electrical cords and plugs are in good condition with no splits, cracks, damage or exposed wires

  • Equipment is currently tagged & last inspection date recorded

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • PPE is available, clean, fit for use

  • PPE stored correctly in a clean, closed container

  • Hat, sunglasses and sun cream is available

Fire extinguisher

  • Appropriate extinguishers available and in date, date stamp on tag

  • Secured to wall, signage displayed and clear access to extinguisher

Evacuation plan

  • Clearly displayed

  • Plan caters for 'out-of-normal working hours' personnel

First aid

  • First aid facilities are available, accessible and suitable for tasks

  • List of first aid officers is displayed

  • Eyewash, safety shower working effectively and is signed. If there is no plumbed eyewash, minimum of two eyewash bottles are available.


  • Any further issues observed?

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