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Previous Inspection

  • Have all outstanding actions/issues been completed from the previous audit?

Student Housing Prohibited items as outline In the Student Handbook.

  • Are nails, screws, fasteners, sticky adhesive and tacks may not be used on doors, woodwork or furniture belonging to the college?

  • Are there any screens removed?

  • There are no water beds present?

  • There are no lofts present?

  • Are bicycles being stored on patios or balconies?

  • There are no window boxes, flower boxes or other articles permitted on the sills or hung from the windows or balconies?

  • Is there no additional furniture? Students are allowed to have a TV stand.

  • Is there any evidence of stolen property, e.g., street signs, etc?

General Safety

  • General Area:<br> 1. Temperature Comfortable?<br> 2. Areas free from odors?<br> 3. Ventilation is adequate?<br> 4. Stair treads and handrails present, safe & secured?

  • Are all mirrors secured to the walls and have no cracks or breaks?

  • Are the sink fixtures present, operational with no leaks?

  • Are all countertops secured with surface in good condition?

  • Are doors free from holes and breakage?

  • Is the furniture in good condition with no breaks, tears, sagging, raveling, etc?

  • Are all the floor/table lamps operational?

  • Is all ceiling tile in place and there are no gaps or holes?

  • Is the area free of missing floor tiles?

  • Are the walking surfaces free of slip & trip hazards such as flooring tears, bumps, carpet sags or other trip hazards?

  • Are materials safely stacked and not within 18" vertically or 36" horizontally from the ceiling?

  • Is all the janitorial closets and mechanical rooms secured?

  • Do the dryer vents look clean and properly attached?

  • Evidence of no accumulation of rubbish, garbage or combustible ,<br>Materials in public Areas?

Life Safety/Fire Management

  • Are all entrance/exit doors to egress corridors fully operational?

  • Are smoke detectors operational?

  • Are the lamps clear of clothes, wall hangings, curtains or any other flammable materials?

  • Are the fire extinguishers not obstructed?

  • The fire extinguishers are being checked monthly?

  • Doors are not being propped open?

  • Is the stairways free of storage?

  • Are all "EXIT" lights in good condition, operational and indicate the proper direction of egress?

  • Is all exit door windows clear?

  • The burning of incense and candles are strictly prohibited?

  • Sun/heat lamps, space heaters, window air conditioners and cooking skillets/toaster ovens are prohibited?

Utilities Management

  • Are all the GFCI receptacles in good condition and operational?

  • Electrical extension cords and adapters are not authorized?

  • Are the exterior lighting operational?

  • Are all switches and receptacles mounted and functional?

  • Are there any loose, dangling or exposed wires? Is the wiring properly attached with no expose wires?

  • Are all the electrical panel circuits labeled?

  • Is all electrical panels have a 3' radius and pathway to the panel? All panel doors secured?

  • Is the electrical panel knockouts in place?

Notes and/or comments

  • Report any other conclusions including any other recommendations.

  • Location Photo, certificates, license, etc.

  • Your signature or reply (email) acknowledgement when the corrective actions are scheduled or completed. Important to reply within one week or you'll be non compliant.

  • Auditors Signature

  • Inspection scheduled date and time

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