Visible Information

  • Is information for colleagues visually displayed? (Note: Add details of what items are displayed and check that they are current and relevant.)

  • Is responsibility for updating the information displayed clearly assigned? (Note: Add who is responsible?)

  • Review the information on the different media and determine if the information is organised, relevant and up to date? If so, how organised, relevant and upto date is the information? (0 to 5 scale, 5 being excellent)

  • Add photos to show examples of visual displays


  • Are briefings carried out on a regularly basis? (Note: Add comment on how often the briefings are held e.g. Daily, Operational, Weekly or monthly?)

  • Who delivers these briefings?

  • Is a log kept of attendees for the key briefings?

  • What is included in the briefings?

  • Do you consider that you have the right training and tools to deliver the briefings?

  • If not, what do you think is required?

  • Observe a briefing/shift meeting and see if the presenter observes the BA Hallmarks?

  • Add notes regarding briefing observed?

  • For the daily briefing observed assess if it is relevant, informative and whether the manager is confident and engaging? (0-5 scale, 5 being excellent). Mark as 0 if briefing not observed.

  • Do you have an Agenda of what is covered in the briefings?

  • Do you keep minutes of meetings or action points from the briefings?

  • Who delivers the monthly brief?

  • Is a quarterly finance briefing carried out regularly?

  • Who delivers the quarterly brief?

  • Is a log kept of attendees for the quarterly briefing?

  • Do you consider that the presenters of the quarterly briefing have the right training and tools to deliver briefing / presentation?

  • If not, what do you think is required?

  • Ask Manager if the last finance briefing he attended (where he was not the presenter) was relevant, informative and enaging on a scale of 0-5.

  • Does the Head of Department or Director visit/brief the team and allow the team an opportunity to ask questions?

  • When was the last visit?

Sharepoint Site

  • Does the manager have access and actively use information from the Engagement SharePoint site?

  • Are key briefing dates recorded on the sharepoint calendar? E.g. Finance briefing.

  • Does the manager have access and actively use information on the Engagement Yammer site?

  • Do you have a department Sharepoint Site? What do you use it for? (Note: Add details or comments .)

Briefing facilities

  • Is there a quiet room available for 1-2-1 meetings?

  • Are briefing (or 1-2-1 meetings) facilities of a good standard? (Note: Check that the room provides privacy, low noise, good lighting.)

  • Where are the briefings/meetings carried out?

  • Is there a projecter or large display screen available for presentations?

  • Is the seating layout suitable or can it be temporarily adapted for briefings/ presentations?

Colleague Engagement

  • Is an induction pack or training provided to new starters?

  • Who is responsible for providing the induction pack or training?

  • What information/support is provided to new starters?

  • Add supporting information or examples.

  • Is there evidence of colleague 1-2-1s being held by the local manager or supervisor? (Note: Add details and examples.)

  • How often are the 1-2-1s being held?

  • What is covered in the 1-2-1 meetings?

  • Do you feel comfortable in listening to colleague concerns? Ask manager to provide examples of when feels comfortable or not and reasons for this? (Note: Add examples or details.)

  • Are you informed when an Apprentice is to start and finish a placement in your area?

  • Who is responsible for providing the documented feedback to apprentices?

  • Details of evidence

  • Are weekly/open team meetings held with/by the local management team? E.g. TMGs & Team leaders

  • What additional support does the Manager require in promoting better engagement within their area?

Industrial Relations

  • Does the Fleet Shift Manager and Trade Union Representative meet on a regular basis? (Note: If yes, how often do they meet e.g. Daily, weekly, monthly etc..)

  • Is the TU rep invited to speak at/or join any briefings? If yes, which ones?

  • Are actions from meetings with TU monitored for progress and completion? Obtain evidence.

  • On a scale of 0-5 how effective do you feel the FSM & TU are at resolving issues jointly?


  • Do you know where to obtain well being information?

  • Do you review working time legislation reports and take follow up action with colleagues? (Note: Take details of compliance.)

  • How do you ensure that all staff are compliant with skin, HAVI (hand arm vibration) and hearing tests/controls? Obtain evidence

  • When would you carry out a Drug & Alcohol (D&A) test?

  • Do you have a facility Where you would take a colleague who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

  • When would you provide support under duty of care?

  • What types of food/snacks are available?

  • What types of food/snacks would you like to see?

  • Is there any evidence of vandalism or graffiti in the area?

  • Are Kitchen facilities available, clean and functional?

  • Is there a facility where colleagues can take rest during breaks? Is this area clean, quiet and in a good state of repair?

  • Are the wash rooms clean and in a good state of repair?

  • Comments on the state of the area

  • Take photos of facilities


  • Are performance issues recorded (in performance diary)? (Note: Add details of follow up and resolution.)

  • Have you recently carried out performance improvement steps under EG 902? How did you ensure that the correct processes were followed? (Note: Add examples or comment !)

  • Is there any evidence of individual development plans being set supporting either career progression or technical qualifications?

  • Is there evidence of succession plans?

  • Are Licensed Aircraft Engineer (LAE) performance reviews being carried out every six months? (Completed on a standard form). (Note: Add detail of who is carrying out the review.)

  • How do you ensure the LAE performance reviews have been completed for all colleagues?

  • Is there any evidence of TMG MAP reviews being carried out on a regular basis? (Should be every month, minimum every 2 months)

  • Who is responsible for carrying out the TMG MAP reviews?

  • Add supporting information

  • How do you ensure the TMG MAP performance reviews have been completed for all colleagues?

  • Add supporting information

  • How many colleagues were absent last month? Were Return to work discussions held for all colleagues who were absent? (Note: Add details and examples of supporting information.)

  • Are colleagues who have hit an EG300 trigger, been correctly managed through the stages of the process? (Note: Record evidence of EG300 return to work and ARI stage meetings.)

  • How many lost time injuries have there been in the past 3 months. Is there any evidence of follow up actions being taken as a result of a lost time injury?

  • Are you aware of Capella and how it affects morale in your teams? (Note: Add supporting information.)

  • Have you put in place a process to deal with issues and concerns raised by colleagues regarding Capella? (Note: Add supporting information or comments.)

Overall Assessment Summary and follow up actions

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