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  • Proper bending ,Lifting, & Twisting (nothing over 50 lbs)<br>

  • Nothing over 40 lbs stored higher than 5'<br>

  • Heavier items stored low lighter items above<br>

  • Floors inspected every 60 min and logged<br>

  • Employees following all safety precautions<br>

  • All unsafe conditions reported Immediately to Store Manager<br>

  • Claims reporting procedure covered with all employees<br>


  • Floors in good condition kept clean & dry<br>

  • Backroom freezer and dairy box floors clean and clear<br>

  • Pallets/Shrink wrap picked up and off the sales floor<br>

  • Parking lot free of holes and large cracks & debris<br>

  • Anti-fatigue mats used properly<br>

  • All displays built securely and safe<br>

  • Safety Bulletin board up to date<br>

  • Fire extinguishers clearly marked, charged & accessible<br>

  • Emergency exits marked<br>

  • Emergency exits kept unlocked and clear access<br>

  • First Aid kits available and properly stocked<br>

  • Rainy day procedures being followed<br>

  • Paper towels available at every check stand<br>

  • All unsafe conditions reported immediately<br>

  • All electrical outlets in good condition<br>

  • All freezers and coolers are running properly <br>


  • Proper use and storage of cutters being followed<br>

  • Step ladders available & being used<br>

  • Child safety straps on all carts & working properly<br>

  • Unsafe equip unplugged and tagged "Do not use"<br>

  • Wet floor cones stored properly for ready access<br>

  • Automatic doors working properly<br>


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