Reason for Activity

  • Document Compliance Audit

  • Site Safety Inspection

Previous Inspection

  • Have all deviations from the previous inspection been addressed and closed out?

1.General Site Safety

  • Is a Visitors Book available?

  • Has the Visitors Book been used?

  • Are details of evacuation procedures given to visitors?

  • Are details of the sound made by the alram made clear to the visitors?

  • Is there written documentation given to visitors details this advice?

  • Do visitors know that they must sign out at the end of their visit?

  • Comments

2. Statutaory Notices

  • Are all notoces displayed in a prominent position?

  • Are statutory and safety notices displayed seperately from general information?

  • Is the Health and Safety Law Poster on display in a prominent place?

  • Are all sections completed correctly?

  • Is the SHEQ Statement of Intent on display?

  • Is the current Certificate of Employers Liability Insurance on display?

  • Is there a current list of site first aiders on display?

  • Is there a current list of Fire Marshals on display?

  • Comments

3. Accident Book

  • Do all staff know where the accident books are kept? Ask 3 members of staff

  • Do all staff understand the process for reporting accidents?

  • Have no RIDDOR reports been made for the current month?

  • Have near misses been reported for the current month?

  • Comments

4. Induction

  • Do all employee files contain fully completed and signed induction records? Select 3 files for review

  • Has the information been added to the Training Matrix and Records?

  • Are next of kin details up[ to date?

  • Is ongoing training records included in the files? If so supply details of the lastest course

  • Are there spill control provisions in the immediate area?

  • Comments

5. Noticeboards

  • Are H&S briefings and information displayed on suite Noticeboards? If so detail main topics

  • Is the Topic of the Month displayed? If so what is the topic

  • Comments

6. First Aid

  • Who is responsible for checking first aid boxes?

  • How many First Aid boxes are there on site?

  • Is there a map of First Aid points displayed?

  • Are first Aid boxes accessible to all staff at all times?

  • Are all boxes correctly stocked according to the guidance sheet? Select 1 box

  • Are boxes free from prohibited items?

  • Is there a First Aid checking schedule in place?

  • Is the current list of First Aiders up to date?

  • Are copies of training certificates available for these First Aiders?

  • Is there adequate First Aid cover on all shifts?

  • Comments

7. Electricity and Plant

  • Are all PAT testing records up to date?

  • Are up to date records in place for the Boiler?

  • Is there up to date Certificates for the Electrical Switchgear/Distribution Boards?

  • Are all Electrical Cupboards and Distrubtion Boards locked up to prevent unauthorised access?

  • Is appropraite warning signs poseted on Switchrooms and Cupboards

  • Comments

8. Ladders and Steps

  • Are all ladders and steps maintained in good order and checked?

  • Are all ladders identifiable?

  • Comments

9. SHEQ Manual

  • Is the SHEQ Management System Manual available?

  • Is the Manual up to date?

  • Is the Manual postedon the Intranet?

  • Comments

10. Risk Assessment

  • Have risk assessments been carried out for all site activities? Select 3

  • Do the assessments refkect accurately the work undertaken?

  • Comments

11. Lighting

  • Is there sufficient outdoor lighting?

  • Do all lights work?

  • Comments

12. Waste Points

  • Are all waste receptacles supplied by Third Parties suffient and fit for purpose?

  • Are waste streams in these containers correct?

  • Comments

13. Rest Rooms

  • Is the area clean and floor free from spillage and trip hazards?

  • Is the micrwave, fridge and other items clean?

  • Are cleaning materials used? Name 2

  • Are materials stored away?

  • Is there specific safety data sheets available for the cleaning materials?

  • Comments

14. Offices and Walkways

  • Are offices clean and tidy? Select 3

  • Are the floors even and free from trip hazards - trailing cables, boxes, raised flooring etc?

  • Are combustible materials stored away from heaters and lighting?

  • Does all available lighting work?

  • Are all PC user workstations suitable for the task?

  • Comments

15. Toilets

  • Are the toilets clean and tidy?

  • Are hand cleaning materials available?

  • Is hand wiping materials and equipment provided?

  • Are safety messages displayed?

  • Is lighting adeqaute?

  • Is access suitable?

  • Comments

16. Fire Procedures and Equipment and Testing

  • Have fire drills been recently undertaken - within the last 12 month?

  • Is there a Fire Log Book and is it up to date?

  • Has a Fire Risk Assessment been carried out and is it up to date?

  • Are all fire extinguishers sited, tested and fixed correctly?

  • Is there a site plan showing Fire Points

  • Are all Fire Doors unlocked and checked for ease of opening?

  • Is emergency lighting provided?

  • Are records available?

  • Are all fire exits free from obstructions?

  • Is fire signage displayed?

  • Is the Fire Assembly point clearly marked up?

  • Comments

17. Site Summary

  • Has the inspection been free of observed unsafe conditions?

  • Has the inspection been free of observed unsafe Acts?

  • Has the inspection been free of obsereved near misses?

18. Non Conformances

  • Has the inspection been free of observed non-conformances?

  • Has the inspection been free of non-conformances to be passed on to Customers?

  • Has the inspection been free of the need to suspend any processing operations?

19. Audit Score

  • Total Audit Score

Sign Off Section

  • Site Management Representative

  • Auditor

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