General Workplace

  • Are floors and ceilings in good repair

  • Toilet condition (light, wc, urinal etc)

  • Are corridors and isles free from obstructions and STF hazards

  • Meeting room conditions

  • Are stairways free from obstructions, free from worn and damage, with handrails fitted

  • Pantry and play area conditions

  • Is general housekeeping of an acceptable standard

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  • Are work tops kept clean and tidy

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  • Do all doors function correctly and well maintained

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  • Wall condition in order or damage or nothing happen

  • Are there any damaged cables, trailing cables or over loaded sockets

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  • Is there any unused or broken equipment laying around

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  • Are storage points in good condition and well maintained

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  • Are there any missing, damaged or illegible safety signs

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  • Have portable appliances been inspected and tested and in date

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  • Are items stored poorly in/on cupboards that pose a risk

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  • Is there good general illumination, any faulty lights, missing bulbs

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  • Is furniture, desk, chairs fit for purpose

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  • Are toilet and washing areas clean and well maintained

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Fire and Emergency Provisions

  • Are fire exits and doors free from obstruction and no visible damage

  • "KELUAR" signage condition

  • Are fire doors kept closed

  • Fire escape route

  • Are fire extinguishers in place, free from obstruction and in date

  • Fire alarm panel free from obstruction

  • Fire marshal equipment

  • Auditor

  • Audited

Genset Room

  • Battery condition

  • Lighting and plug point in order

  • Oil tank level

  • Switch Panel condition

  • Door free from obstruction and no visible damage

Server room and UPS room

  • UPS condition

  • Air conditioning

  • Electrical and UPS panel condition

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