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HSE Audit


  • Permits for work to be carried out are signed and dated

  • Hot work permits for work to be carried out are signed and dated

  • Permit acceptor has relayed information from permits to the team members

  • RAMS have been read by all and signed for acceptance and understanding

  • Daily work briefing has been carried out, signed sheet available

  • Daily safety toolbox talk carried out, signed sheet available

  • CoSHH/MSDS available for any chemicals to be used on site

  • First aid arrangements are known to all team members

  • Is there an appropriate permit in place for electronic devices (phone, camera, laptop etc.)


  • PPE worn to site/plant minimum requirements

  • Light eye protection worn at all time

  • Hard hats worn and in good condition and within the expiry date

  • Correct footwear worn to PPE minimum requirement or as requested on the permit to work

  • Footwear is in good condition with no sign of wear to the steel toecap or split seams

  • Hi-vis clothing worn

  • Correct gloves worn to PPE minimum requirement or as requested on the permit to work

  • Hearing protection used correctly

  • Full face protection/goggles worn when grinding

  • Correct welding screens and gloves used when welding

  • LEV/air fed hoods used when welding


  • Work areas clean and tidy

  • Blast Cabinets

  • Cable management is in evidence

  • Dry Dehumidifier

  • Safe access is maintained

  • All scrap in removed from the work area


  • Is there a risk assessment for lifting operations

  • Have all operatives undertaken training in the use of safe slinging techniques

  • Is there a lift plan for this job

  • Have pre-use checks been carried out on all lifting equipment

  • Are lifting gear test certificates available

  • Is there a lift plan in place for all lifting operations

  • Have all operative been briefed on the lift plan and signed the acceptance sheet to acknowledge understanding of the lift plans


  • Machine has been portable appliance tested and in date

  • Pre-use inspection of electrical cable carried out

  • Pre-use inspection of casing and switch carried out

  • Check carried out for excessive vibration carried out


  • Have all operatives undertaken working at height training

  • Are working at height training records available

  • Are ladders tied off

  • Ladders and scaffold within inspection date

  • Scaffold decking is secured with no gaps

  • Handrails in place

  • Scaffold looks to be free from any damage


  • Gas bottles are stored and used in an upright position and tied off to prevent falling over

  • A drip tray to capture spillage is placed under welding generators

  • Oxy propane tubing is in good condition with no signs of weathering and flashback arrestors fitted

  • Welding torches and electrode holders are in good condition with no wear and cracking to the insulation

  • Does welding plant have an in date calibration sticker on it


  • Entrants have had confined space awareness training

  • Are confined space awareness training records available.

  • Confined space entry permits are in place

  • Permit has been explained to all who are working on the permit

  • Safety standby man in place and briefed on the permit rules

  • Everyone working on the permit have signed their understanding

  • Standby man in full contact with entrants

  • Entrants have had BA training


  • Harness and lanyards checked and free from damage

  • Horizontal lifeline checked and free from damage


  • Recycling is evident and explained by plant manager

  • Equipment turned off when not in use

  • Is there sufficient ventilation


  • Inspected by Signature

  • Inspectors Title

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