• Radio License

  • USCG Certificates of Documentation

  • Minimum Safe Manning Certificate


  • USCG Light List

  • Notice to all Mariners

  • Charts


  • Radio functioning properly?

  • Radar functioning properly?


  • Depth sounder working properly?

  • Compass working properly?

  • AIS system working properly?

  • Chart Plotter working properly?

  • Navigation lights working properly?


  • Is there sufficient number of life vests onboard (equipped with working strobes & whistles)?

  • Are emergency escape routes marked and clear of obstructions?

  • Is First Aid Kit USCG compliant and properly stocked?


  • Is the Firefighting Plan posted?

  • Are all portable fire extinguishers properly serviced with up-to-date inspection tags?

  • Fire pumps and hoses are inspected and tested?


  • Exhaust pipes are properly insulated?

  • All gauges and alarms are functioning properly?

  • All guarding is secure and providing adequate protection?

  • Ladders/Steps/Passageways are clear of obstructions?


  • Pollution placards are displayed? (MARPOL)

  • Is the Pollution Kit fully stocked (booms, absorbent pads, containment bags)?

  • If applicable, has the removal of waste been properly documented (trash, slop oil, bilge water)?


  • Are hatch covers in satisfactory working condition?

  • Are Weather-tight doors working effectively?


  • All handrails are checked and in good working condition?

  • Hydraulic lines checked for wear and leaks?

  • All engine room piping checked for leaks?

  • All engine room pumps have been examined and are in good working order?

  • Engine room floor is free from oil and debris?

  • Engine room fans/exhaust are functioning properly?

  • Emergency fuel shutoff system has been tested and is functioning properly?


  • All electrical boxes are marked and structurally sound?

  • All wiring has been examined (when practical) and is properly secured?

  • Batteries are properly secured?

  • Electrical supply to navigate lights has been checked for damage?

  • Lights needing globes or guards have been examined?

  • Rubber mat on floor by main power box?

  • Signature Person conducting checklist review

  • Select date

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