Vessel Characteristics and Documentation

Year Built


Asbestos Report

Noise Test Report

Water Quality Report

Crane Certification

Lifting Equipment Compliance Report

Emergency Procedures Checklist Onboard

Safety Case Onboard

SMS Onboard

Permit to work system onboard

Safety equipment inspected and records maintained

Fire equipment service records kept

Hazard and near miss forms onboard

Maintenance plan for vessel kept onboard

Maintenance records kept

Operating manuals for equipment kept onboard

Is there a system to request maintenance in place

Is there an evacuation plan onboard and displayed

Is there a fire evacuation plan onboard and displayed

Emergency drill (MOB, fire and abandon ship) register up to date

Are crew inductions conducted

Cyclone contingency plan onboard

Is there a hazardous substance register onboard

MSDS register kept and up to date

Decanted chemicals labelled properly

Confined space register maintained

Confined space rescue plan onboard

Working at heights rescue plan onboard

Isolation ( tag out & lock out ) register maintained

Policy and procedures manual maintained

Notice boards ( HSR's, committee minutes, safety alerts ) maintained in prominent places


AFFF fire system tested and records kept

Crash boxes and equipment within serviceable and in good condition

Fire suits in good condition

BA sets in good condition and within service dates

Access and egress to helideck clear and free from obstruction

Helicopter waiting and reception rooms suitable


Fire drills conducted and records kept

MOB drills conducted and records kept

Abandon ship drills conducted and records kept

Do the crew have confined space training

Are confined space rescue drills conducted and records kept

Do the crew have working at heights training

Is heights rescue drills conducted and records kept

How many of the crew are trained in maritime fire fighting

How many HLO's are trained in fire fighting and rescue

Are tool box meetings regularly held and documented

Is there a register of training skills kept and maintained

Safety Equipment

Lifeboats condition and POB

Life rafts stowed properly, in test and adequate for POB

Hydrostatic releases in test

Carley floats stowed properly and in good condition

Life rings displaying the vessels name

Life ring lights working properly

Life rings lanyards in good condition

Life jackets compliant and in good condition

Fire extinguishers compliant with Australian Standards

Fire extinguishers in test date

Fire hoses reach all parts of the vessel

Fire pumps tested, adequate and records kept

Is there a fast rescue craft onboard

Gass sniffer onboard

Gas sniffer in current date for calibration

Is the sniffer challenge tested and records kept

Fire blankets in test date

Engine room smother system in test and records kept

Safety equipment stowed properly

Crew have been trained in the proper use of all safety equipment onboard

Safety briefing to crew done on every on coming shift or swing

Life jacket demonstrations conducted

Alarm systems, audible, visible and records of test dates kept

Is the safety placarding adequate and compliant with Australian Standards

Emergency exits, access & egress and muster station signage adequate and compliant with Australian Standards

Flares, V sheet, mirror etc on board and in date

First aid kits located throughout vessel

Eye wash station throughout vessel

Deluge showers available


Electrical systems checked and compliant to Australian certification

Air conditioner filters serviced and recorded

Testing and tagging of electrical equipment current

Are engine room fans able to be shut off from outside of the engine room

Electrical distribution boards labelled correctly for voltage

Are 240v adaptors available for crews

Circuit breakers labelled and test records kept

Switch boards not obstructed

RCD's tested as per Australian Standards and test log book kept

Battery spaces well ventilated

Emergency evacuation lights tested and comply with a 90 minute duration cycle

Are records kept of the evacuation lighting tests conducted

Accommodation cabins and ensuites

Cabins clean and tidy

Per berth / shared etc

Toilet cleanliness and functionality

Shower cleanliness and functionality

Wash basin and taps




Is there enough storage for personal belongings, wardrobe, drawers etc

Is there a TV in each cabin

Is there a life jacket or emergency grab bag for each occupant of the cabin

Are the cabins air conditioned and is it adequate

Recreational Amenities

Are the recreation rooms suitable with TV, DVD library, books and magazines

How many phone kiosks are onboard and do they have privacy of conversations

Is there tea and coffee making facilities and or drinking water available

Are the facilities clean and tidy

Is there a gym onboard and is equipment stored correctly and in good condition

How many Internet kiosks and do they offer privacy to the user


Are the medicines and drugs labels in English

Will there be a medic or doctor onboard

Is the medic/ doctors accommodation in or next to the hospital

Is there adequate equipment to deal with minor and major trauma

Are there medical grab bags


Condition of kitchen

Condition of dry store

Condition of cool room

Condition of freezer

Are all pots and pan stainless steel

Mess Room

Is there adequate seating for POB's

Bain Marie clean and with adequate lighting

Is there an adequate selection of both hot and cold foods

Is there and adequate selection of beverages

Dirty Mess Room or Coffee Shack

Is the location central to the rear work deck

Is there adequate hand washing facilities

Are change rooms provided

Is there an adequate number of lockers for the POB's

Is there adequate facilities for tea and coffee making, fridge and provision of cool drinking water

Laundry Facility

Number of washing machines

Number of dryers

Is the laundry air conditioned and ventilated

How is the laundry collected from cabins eg manually or via laundry chute

Rear Work Deck

Are all emergency stop buttons functioning

Are all emergency stop buttons inter linked

Is there adequate communication from work areas to the bridge via phone or intercom system

Are all work areas, walkways and no go areas clearly identified on deck

Is the area well signed and compliment with Australian Standards

Is there and adequate number of eye wash stations

Are the eye wash stations easily identified by signage and illuminated during darkness

Is the deck free from rubbish and clutter

Are there spill kits available and in a serviceable condition

Are confined spaces clearly identified and signed appropriately

Anchor points for working at heights clearly identified

Lifting equipment inspected each time it is used

Lifting equipment stored correctly

General signage adequate and compliant with Australian Standards

Rubbish bins provided and emptied regularly

Fuel vent pipes have flame arrester gauze fitted

Vent pipes protected against water ingress

Bundling around fueling points

Is there cool drinking water available on the work deck

Is there sunscreen available on the work deck

Is there an adequate supply of PPE available and does it comply with Australian Standards

Are deck areas including stairways non slip

Rails around deck, machinery and stairs adequate

Machinery and Workshops

All machinery in good working order

All machinery and workshop areas clean

Emergency stops and shutoffs tested and operating

Is all machinery guarded or fitted with inter locks

General Observations

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.