Title Page

  • TRIM Number

  • Date of Assessment

  • Purpose of Assessment

  • Assessment Conducted by

  • Team Leader

  • Location
  • *Residual risk score - consequence: The residual risk consequence score will usually remain unchanged from the intrinsic risk consequence score. Residual risk consequence can only be changed (reduced) if a control is put in place which positively eliminates or isolates the risk
    eg: an engineering control such a physical disconnection. In this event the consequence score can be moved at least one category down.

    * If residual risk remains High to Extreme - Risk is deemed as unacceptable. This assessment shall be escalated for reivew by Executive management.
    * If residual risk is decreased becoming Low to Moderate and evaluation determines that no other controls are required, the risk may be deemed as tolerable. Ongoing monitoring is required by Senior Management

  • Risk ID
  • Activity/Job Step

  • Hazard Identified

  • Hazard Outcome

  • Intrinsic Risk Score (Based on no controls in place; credible worst case scenario)

  • Consequence

  • Likelihood

  • Risk Score

  • Current Controls

  • Residual Risk Score* (With current controls in place)

  • Consequence

  • Likelihood

  • Risk Score

  • Is the risk acceptable with the current controls*?

  • Future Planned Controls

Risk Assessment Evaluation: (To be completed by Team Leader coordinating the risk assessment)

  • 1. Future planned controls:

  • a) Have been entered into GRACE and assigned an Action Officer

  • b) Other follow up mechanisms are in place

  • 2. Any newly identified risks not already on the WHS Risk Register have been added to the Register

  • 3. The outcome of this risk assessment has been communicated to relevant work groups, site Manager and where applicable Executive Management


  • Sign Off

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