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  • Date and Start Time

  • Executed by:

Daily Tasks


  • Has the paperwork packet been organized for Manager Review in AM?

  • Verify that deposit docs are correctly completed and initialed.

  • 8 Page DRSL is printed, verified, initialed, and dated by Manager, ASM, or sales lead.

  • Till "Open AND Close" Reports present, initialed, and dated.

  • Any POST VOID, RETURNS, or PRICE OVERRIDE transactions are behind each report page with receipt and original receipt.

  • Verify all receipts for the day are present via the "Daily Transaction Audit" page.

  • Spot check that all credit card receipts and EIP agreements have signatures.

  • Proof of counting change fund.

  • Has ALL customer information been placed in secured area per T-Mobile Policy? (Locked Cabinet or Safe Room)

  • Has all the trash been emptied, secured information shredded, SIM Cards/SIM Card Holders removed and/or shredded?

  • DEMO Tab and Other Non-Display Demos Set to Charge Overnight?

  • Is the Store Clean and Organized?

  • Photos to Verify (Multiples)

  • Have ALL Employees Clocked Out?

  • All Sales Entered Into RQ4

  • Rep Check Out Completed for All Reps Working Today? (NO Self-Checking Allowed)

  • QC Posted With All Totals (Visible)

  • Cage/Inventory Room Secured

  • Ready for Arming and 2+ Employee Walk Out

  • Notes For Openers

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