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Outside Appearance

  • Window Clings in good condition?

  • Outside entrance is clean, including windows and sidewalks?

  • Other?

Safety and Security

  • Exit sign present and visible?

  • Any safety issues on sales floor or back room? Ie. Ladders, broken fixtures, water on floor....etc.

  • Fire Extinguisher current?

Collateral Merchandising/In store elements

  • Music playing in store?

  • Chalkboard is up and decorated?

  • At least one T stand present in store?

  • Other?

Phone and Accessory Merchandising

  • Updated price tags?

  • Demo phones up and operational?

  • Demo Loop on all smartphones?

  • Phone Bar fillers are up where applicable?

  • Accessory wall merchandised correctly?

  • Other?

Store Appearance

  • All lights working?

  • All displays clean, operational and in good condition?

  • Phone bar in good condition?

  • Other fixtures in good condition?

  • Other?

Rep appearance

  • Shirt and Jeans in good condition?

  • Name tag worn?

  • Other?

Rep Behaviors

  • Were reps on sales floor if not with customers?<br>

  • Greeting customers with eye contact?

  • Rep's shaking hands with customers?

  • Rep's offering PPP?

  • Using sales process with customers?

  • Offering add a lines?

  • Offering accessories during a phone sale?

  • Offering Auto Pay?

  • Adding Deezer?

Rep Knowledge

  • Which phones have 4G LTE?

  • Tell me about our promotions.

  • What is Group Save and how does it work? How much do I save?

  • Show me how to access insight.

  • PPP Quiz Given?


  • Opening/ closing checklist completed?

  • Daily Huddles being completed?

  • Clover Phones being processed daily? Check Clover website for confirmation.

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