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  • Lagoon conducted

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  • Perform a comprehensive health and safety audit with SOM, identifying hazards, assessing risks, and implementing corrective actions

  • Organise a fire drill for each shift to test evacuation procedures, routes, and assembly points. The fire marshal should oversee the drill and evaluate its effectiveness. This has to be done every 6 month


  • Review monthly invoicing data for accuracy and completeness before submitting it to Finance for the end-of-month deadline

  • Reconcile and validate the month's payroll data before submitting it to Finance for the end-of-month deadline

  • Count all inventory items, reconcile discrepancies, and update stock take sheet

  • Prepare Lagoon Account Management report

  • Attend monthly H&S committee meeting

  • Conduct monthly 5S audit with SOM to assess workplace organisation and cleanliness, create an action plan, and share it with shift managers


  • Conduct annual performance reviews, if needed for each team member using the provided format and resources.

  • Hold individual meetings with direct reports to discuss performance, goals, and any concerns. Record on Lattice

  • Ensure each SM's completed weekly Observation Check on Safety Culture. Discuss team performance, provide feedback and actions needed

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