Audit Summary

KItchen Cleanliness

  • Are all kitchen walls & floors clean?

  • Are all contact points clean?

  • Are all equipment surfaces clean?

  • Are all fridge/freezer seals & handles clean,in place and intact?

  • Are all fridge/freezers clean and well organised?

  • Are all higher level areas clean?

  • Are all food prep areas clean?

  • Are all the microwaves clean?

  • Are all wheels and castors clean?

  • Are the fryers clean?

  • Is all the crockery / pans clean and in good condition?

  • Is all cutlery clean?

  • Is the grill clean?

  • Is the hot holding equipment clean?

  • Is the pot wash and sink area clean and tidy?

  • Are the rationale ovens clean and in good condition?

Food Safety

  • Are all products correctly rotated?

  • Are all products correctly labelled?

  • We're all food items found to be within their best before date?

  • Are hand washing facilities accessible,fully stocked and have the correct notices?

  • Are hand wash guidelines being followed by the staff on duty?

  • Are separate facilities available for handling raw and cooked products, and is there any risk of cross contamination?

  • Can staff demonstrate knowledge in all aspects of Food safety/hygiene to the correct level when questioned?

  • Is there a minimum of 2 food probes available, in use and clean?

  • Are hot holding temperatures being recorded correctly and guidelines followed?

  • Are all foods stored correctly?

  • Are all staff wearing a correct and clean uniform?

  • Are dispensed products reaching core temperature whilst on site?

  • Are there suitable chemicals and cloths in food preparation areas during service and being used?


  • Is the kitchen equipment well maintained?

  • Are maintenance records up to date?

Critical focus

  • Does the kitchen have the correct PPE present? Is it being used?

  • Have all kitchen staff completed their food hygiene and health & safety training within last 2 years

  • Were there any food products out of date?

  • Are electric fly killers available,clean,maintained and correctly located?

  • Are all emergency release mechanisms on all walk in fridge/freezers working and in good condition?

  • Are step stools in good condition?

  • Is the daily paperwork being completed and is up to date?

  • Does the kitchen have defrost and prep lists in place? And are they being adhered to?

  • Is food wastage being entered regularly?

  • Are there fridge/freezers layout plans in place? And are they being adhered to?

Action points from today's visit

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  • HSE dept

  • Head Chef

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