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Employee Standards

  • Is there a site sign in book and has it been signed/ completed and complete for the week?

  • Are induction records completed and all on site today recorded

  • Are tool box talks and safety meetings conducted and recorded in the safety file?

  • Is the tool box register up to date?

  • Is all paperwork on display -HSE poster,insurance,permits,site plan,emergency plan,hospital directions,site rules,F10 etc?

  • Are all method statements and risk assessments present and signed for the works in progress?

  • Are permits in place where necessary- are current and historic permits correctly signed on off?

  • Have all personnel on site been inducted- are forms complete with all equipment brought onto site and PPE declaration?

  • Is all other safety paperwork in the safety file up to date?

  • Is there a suitable supply of PPE in the site store?

  • Is there a fully stocked and suitable first aid kit and eye wash station with suitably trained personnel on site?

  • Is there suitable fire safety provision- 2x powder 1x co2 minimum, fire buckets if needed?

  • Is the site free from flammable debris and clear emergency access routes, is the alarm system functioning properly?

  • Are the welfare facilities in good order and clean and tidy, are all cabins present and suitable?

  • Is the site fully fenced and secure- double clipped for Heras panels all secured fully to solid posts for hoarding?

  • Is everyone on site wearing the appropriate PPE for their works?

  • Are all excavations on site shored or battered, suitable to there depth and the ground conditions- are there proper physical barriers in place where required - is there a temporary design where required?

  • Are all open areas (manholes, trenches etc) barriered off and covered over as appropriate for their location?

  • Is the site well managed, materials stored properly and good housekeeping in place?

  • Are there clear and defined safe walkways and trafficking routes around the site?

  • Are skips present and compliant with the waste requirements for the project?

  • Is all plant in good order - reversing Sounders mirrors,beacons, seat belts,roll bars,maintenance etc?

  • Is all working at height being carried out by the most appropriate and safe means?

Shop Standards

  • Are all scaffold and towers inspected and tagged logged by a competent person, are weekly checks completed - are the properly constructed and used?

  • Are all lifting works (crane etc) properly planned and carried out by competent persons?

  • Are all slings strops etc certified and in date?

  • Is adequate lighting in place?

  • Is the weather conditions for the work safe and been considered?

  • Has site traffic been considered and safe systems in place?

  • Are adequate measures in place to protect the general public/customers if site has remained open?

  • Has the work of other contractors been considered with potential impact to own work?

  • Has consideration been given to potential deliveries of fuel,or shop stock during the work?

Ancillary Area Standards

  • Are Toilets clean and presentable ?

  • Is the site Office and Store Room area tidy and organised?


  • Are provisions in place to secure plant and equipment at the end of each day?

Additional Issues / Summary

Additional Issues Identified

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  • Issue 8

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  • Issue 9

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  • Issue 10

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