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  • This site audit is designed to be used to provide and indication of the teams implementation and adherence to hazard controls associated with the job or project.

  • Any nonconformance should be discussed with the team member and rectified immediately if possible.

  • The detailed site visit should bee undertaken for a first visit to site or on one site per day

  • the simple site visit inspection if for revisiting a site or where relevant information has been checked previously in the day.

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

    Detailed site visit information
  • Location
  • Team on site

  • Name.

  • Who is the nominated person in charge of the work site?

  • Name.

  • Time

Site Documentation

  • Has a risk assessment been undertaken of the worksite?

  • Discus with team. Are you satisfied that all hazards are identified?

  • Sight copy. Have all risks been identified?

  • Are any high risk activities being undertaken on site? Ie. Contractors undertaking works, Working at height, Confined space entry, Excavations, Mobile plant lifting operations, Isolation and tagging, Traffic management etc.

  • Is a SWMS being used onsite

  • Have all team members/contractors present reviewed and signed SWMS/Job start?

  • Give details of why not signed?

  • Are all the risks of the site covered in the Job start/SWMS?

  • What additional Risk are there?

  • Add risk to Job Start / SWMS.

  • If high risk is identified why is SWMS not being used?


  • Are copies of required SOP's onsite?

  • Stop Works until documentation is on site

  • Are they up to date?

Chemical usage.

  • Are chemicals being used onsite?

  • Are all required SDS's onsite?

  • Stop Works until SDS onsite

  • Are the SDS's current? (less than 5yrs old)

  • Are the SDS's being followed?


  • Is the correct PPE being used by everyone on site?

  • Is PPE in good repair?

  • Order replacement PPE

  • Stop work until replacement PPE can be supplied

Vehicles and Large Plant

  • What plant is onsite?

  • Was prestart book completed at begining of the day?

  • Give details.

  • Has pre-start book been filled out for day

  • Is everything on and in the vehicle restrained correctly?

  • Give details

  • Take photo

  • Is plant Clean and Tidy

  • Are people who are operating plant competent to do so?

  • have you sighted their competency previously?

  • Stop Works immediately until sighted.

  • Stop Work immediately.

Small Plant

  • Is all small plant operational?

  • Are all guards and safety devices in place and in good repair?

  • does small plant require maintenance?

  • Ensure plant is taken to workshop for repair.


  • Is signage required onsite?

  • Is all signage in place?

  • is signage in good repair?

  • Stop works until sign is replaced.

  • Are signs adequately secured in the event of wind or vandalism?

Run sheets

  • Are the crew filling out the run sheets correctly

  • Are the crews following the run sheets?

  • Has this been agreed with the supervisor previously?

Traffic Management

  • Is traffic management required for this site?

  • Has the TMP been followed?

  • Did the TMP require altering?

  • Give details.

  • Are the people that set up qualified to do so?

  • If no, traffic management should be checked by competent person before works commence.

  • Did a competent person do a dive through?

  • Are Pedestrians directed safely around or through site?

  • Are cyclists directed safely around or through site?

  • Is a spotter being used?

  • Who is the spotter?

  • Is this identified on SWMS?


  • Is there a suitable First Aid kit on site?

  • Is there suitable means of communication onsite?

  • Were there any safety breaches at this site?

  • Discuss with team members onsite and document.

  • Outcome of discussion.

General observations

  • Other comments

  • Photos

  • Simple site visit information.
  • Location
  • Team on site

  • Name

  • Who is they nominated person in charge of the work site?

  • Site documentation has been checked

  • Are SWMS/SOP’s/SDS onsite and being followed?

  • Is correct PPE being used and in good repair?

  • Is site safe and secure?

  • Is all traffic management setup correctly?

  • General observations of the worksite?

  • Add media

End of Shift Summary

  • Have all performance issues been documented and addressed?

  • Signature

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