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  • Driver

  • Frequency

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  • Branch

Vehicle Information

  • Vehicle Registration Number

  • Vehicle Model

  • Odometer / Milage Reading

Vehicle Inspection

External Check

  • Windscreen free from damage?

  • Front Lights & indicator working and free from damage?

  • Tyres both front and rear in good condition and roadworthy with acceptable pressure and tread?

  • Spare tyre and tool present in good condition?

  • Bodywork / paintwork and doors in good condition from front to rear?

  • Rear and side mirrors in good condition?

  • Rear Brake, Reverse Lights & indicator are working and free from damage?

  • Is the reverse sensor and beeper system operational?

  • Is the exterior of the vehicle clean?

  • Free from unauthorized sticker/ label on vehicle?

Internal Check

  • Is inside the vehicle in a clean and tidy condition?

  • Are all seat belts in good working order?

  • Are any warning lights illuminated on dash?

  • Is there a First Aid Kit on board (with adequate item)?

  • Is there a Fire Extinguisher on board?<br>(2kg for fumigation vehicle, 1 kg for all other vehicles)

  • Are safety triangle & 2 retractable safety cones with beacon light present in the vehicle?

  • Is clean water present in 20L water tank?

  • Is simple spill control kit present?<br>(Disposable absorbing paper/ cloth, disposable gloves and garbage bag)

Tools & Equipment

  • Service bag/ box with necessary chemicals

  • Service pouch with 6 tools below

  • 1. Torch light

  • 2. Inspection mirror

  • 3. Screw driver

  • 4. Cutter tool

  • 5. Scraper

  • 6. Gel applicator gun

  • Measuring cup & filling funnel

  • Poison/ Monitoring Station label

  • Date of service sticker

  • Barcode sticker

  • Rubbish bag

  • Other

Service Equipment in the vehicle required periodic inspection

  • Handheld sprayer (2 units)

  • Fogging Machine

  • ULV Misting Machine

  • Garden Spray Machine

  • Hand drill (portable/ wired hammer drill)

  • Ladder: Type of ladder

  • Other:

PPE (Correct PPE in good condition and proper storage)

  • Safety Helmet (optional)

  • Ear muff

  • Safety Goggles (for liquid/ mist)

  • Safety Glasses (for dust/ particle) (Installation)

  • Respirator with replaceable filter cartridge

  • N95 face mask (optional)

  • Safety vest

  • Spare sets of uniform

  • Gloves: Type of gloves

  • Other:

Cargo compartment condition

  • Tools, Equipment and Chemical with proper and adequate separation and secured from vehicle movement

  • PPE maintained at good condition and proper storage arrangement

Maintenance Check

  • Do you wish to conduct Maintenance Check in this inspection? (Every 4 months)

  • Are windshield wiper and washers in working order, with water filled?

  • Are engine oil levels within acceptable ranges?

  • Are coolant levels within acceptable ranges?

  • Are brake fluid levels within acceptable ranges?

  • Are transmission fluid levels within acceptable ranges?

  • Is the vehicle free of grease leaks?

  • Is battery working and the vehicle starts?

  • Does the car horn function correctly?

  • Are all doors and door locks operational?

  • Is the air conditioning operational?

  • Is the roof exhaust fan operational?

  • Are the brakes and hand brakes operational and in good condition?

  • Is there sealant air leak on shield between cargo adn passenger compartment?

Documentation Check

  • Road tax and PUSPAKOM Inspection label with valid date

  • Latest APL, SDS QR Code & SRA Control Measures present?

  • Is Vehicle Handbook and SHE Golden Rules (hard/ soft copy) present?

  • Warning Poster: Work in progress (Fumigation, Fogging)

  • Fogging Machine Safety Message label near Fogging Machine compartment

Corrective Actions

  • Add additional relevant photos (specifically on non conformance)

  • Any further comments or recommendations arising from this inspection?

Sign off

Sign Off

  • I, the undersigned, hereby certify that all information is accurate and that an actual inspection was conducted.

  • Inspector Name and Signature

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