Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Serial Number

  • Asset Number

  • Vessel Type

  • Customer

  • Photograph


  • Outer Vessel Condition

  • Outer Vessel Paintwork

  • Outer Vessel Welding

  • Outer Vessel Attachments


  • Frame Condition

  • Frame Paintwork

  • Frame Welding

  • Fork Lift Pockets

  • Roof Plates

  • Earthing Boss

  • Earthing Points Un Painted

  • Has the tie down bars been painted white APAC tanks only?

  • Sling Number

  • Ensure slings are sitting inside the IMO (below level of corner castings)

Pipe Work

  • Condition

  • To identify any open ended pipework located in the drip tray

  • Drip Trays

  • Relief Valves/Tags

  • Are relief valves pointing away from the tank

  • Cryofleet tanks to have x2 brass elbows fitted

  • Valves

  • End Caps

  • Check Gauges & Record Pressure / Contents

  • DP Gauge to have Cryofleet sticker on

  • Has pressure gauge cap expansion nipple been removed

  • Check & Ensure Travelling Valve is Open

  • Final inspection to external pipework - Non return valves are in correct direction

  • Final inspection to external pipework - Relief Valves are correct pressure and fitted correctly

  • For C02 vessels Non-return valve has been removed, identified and stored in a safe location. Identification to include customers details and date stored.

  • For 40ft tanks only - Has the 5- valve instrument manifold been fitted in the correct orientation

  • V6 valve for maximum efficiency only open ½ - 1 full turn max

Data Plates

  • DNV / EN

  • ADR / RID / IMO

  • CSC

  • ASME

  • PED


  • Regulations

  • Maximum Gross Weight

  • Tare Weight

  • Capacity

  • Schematic

  • Filling Ratio

  • Cryopacks to not have 12K7 decals fitted

  • ISO Packs to have x4 12K7 decals on each side

  • Asset Number

  • Are all 4 tie down point stickers attached

  • Is the BIC code on the rear of the tank (top of the frame) and side of the tank (vaporiser side) 2nd bracing from the top?

  • WCLU Numbers


  • Document Holder

  • Cabinet

  • Manway

  • Rubber Lining Outer Vessel


  • Inspected By

  • Date

  • Faults Acknowledged By

  • Re-Work Inspection By



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