Periodic Equipment Safety Check For Club Car 232

Department- Please select

Inspection by-

If Other please state-

Frequency of inspection- Weekly, Monthly, 3 or 6 Monthly, Annually, Other

Serial number or identification-, G&GP248

Date and time of Audit-
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Equipment Requirements

Tools required- Screw drivers, spanners, spark plug remover, cloth for removing greases, air line.

PPE required- Safety boots and work clothing, disposable gloves, goggles.

Other materials required- Service parts if required- spark plug, oils, greases, filters.

General instruction of peroidic inspection-

Please state General instruction on how/ what the inspection id going to undertake-

Carry out pre- operational, performance inspection, engine, tyres and wheel, brakes, electrical, filter and general condition checks.

Checks to be completed-

Pre-Operational and daily check list carried out?

Engine level checked and replaced if required?

Battery checked for condition, clean terminals and electrolyte level.

Tyres checked for condition, tread and air pressure?

Tyres checked for wheel alignment and chamber?

Check or replace air filter?

Fuel filters checked and changed if required?

Check vehicle for loose hardware and tighten if required?

All grease and lubricant points checked and greased/ lube as appropriate?

Faults Identified

Record any faults identified-

Record any faults identified-

Record any faults identified-

Sign Off

Sign Off

I hereby certify that all information is accurate and the actual inspection was conducted

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