Confined Spaces Methodology


  • Indicate whether the following items are completed and reviewed before entry

  • Is this confined space identified in the Confined Spaces register?

  • Do any electrical services require Lock out tag out (LOTO)?

  • Will there be any Hot Work taking place in the confined space?

  • Is an approved Hot Works permit present?

  • Are there any gas, air lines, sprinkler or other service lines that require purging and/or capping?

  • Have all vents or extraction systems been checked as functioning before works begin?

  • Is passive ventilation available if electrical ventilation requires isolation?

  • Is the work area effectively secured and cordoned off to prevent unauthorised entry?

  • Will Breathing Apparatus be required or used for the planned works?

  • Is an emergency Resuscitator - Inhalator required for the type of works or type of confined space?

  • Are Standby Safety Personnel required and on hand?

  • Will working at height equipment be required for access and during works being completed?

  • Has working at height equipment been inspected and passed?

  • Is a means of Emergency Escape Retrieval Equipment on hand and in good working order?

  • Are Lifelines required for these works and if so are they present and set up in good order?

  • Will other emergency equipment or PPE be used during these works?

  • Is additional task lighting (intrinsically safe) required?

  • Are appropriate Fire Extinguishers available and accessible in the confined space?

  • Is any other type of air monitoring or purifying required in the confined space to work safely?

  • Are gas monitors in place or portable monitors being used

  • Is a fire protection system shutdown required before works start

  • What is the chosen method of Communication during the confined space works?

  • What are the communication procedures for this method and are they documented in the risk assessment?

Rescue Procedures

  • Is the emergency rescue procedure detailed in the risk assessment and known to all workers?

  • What emergency rescue method has been selected

Approvals Section

Permit Issuer

  • Name of the Permit issuer

  • Signature of Permit issuer

Contractor Sign Off

  • Name of person in charge of confined space works

  • Signature of supervisor in charge

  • Click + to add names of people involved

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