Details of the Hot Work H&S methodology

  • Brief description of job being undertaken

  • Has the contractor provided a risk assessment for review that meets the university's requirements?

Required Precautions Checklist

  • Does the work require any fire system isolation's to be put in place, if so what has been isolated?

  • Sprinklers?

  • Smoke Detectors?

  • Heat Detectors?

  • Other?

  • Is the Hot Work equipment in safe and good condition?

  • Is an inspected and passed Fire Extinguisher accessible for workers during hot works?

  • Is a First Aid Kit accessible for workers during hot works?

  • Campus Security has been notified of the work taking place on 0800 842 8888 or

  • Is a continuous fire watch provided during and for at least 30 minutes after hot work, including all breaks?

  • Fire watch has been trained in the use of fire equipment and sounding alarm?

Within 10 Meters of the Work

  • There are no combustible liquids, vapors, gases or dust within 10 metres of the hot work area?

  • Have all combustible materials been suitably protected against heat and/or sparks?

  • Have all horizontal surfaces (e.g. building structures, equipment, ducts, cable trays, etc.) above and below where possible been cleaned before hot work begins?

  • Have checks been made to ensure all flammable liquids, dust, lint, combustible waste, oil deposits, and the likes have been removed where possible?

  • If removal or cleaning is impractical, have the work area been suitably protected with fire-retardant covers, or shielded with fire-retardant guards and/or curtains?

  • Has any potential heat transmission or conveying of sparks to adjacent areas being checked and eliminated or protected?

  • Have all openings within the 10 metres area been covered with fire-retardant tarpaulins to help protect areas beneath?

  • Have all fans and conveyors been isolated or shut down to prevent the capturing and conveying sparks to other areas?

  • Have checks been made to ensure there is no chance of an explosive atmosphere being present? (use of gas monitors for example in plant room)

Permit Approval

Contractors Details

  • Full Name of Person doing the hot work

  • Signature of Person doing the hot work

  • Full Name of the Fire Watch

  • Signature of Fire Watch

Permit Issuer

  • Full Name and Signature of Permit Issuer

  • Signature of Permit Issuer

  • Permit issued date

  • Permit ends date

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