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  • Personal Hygiene Audit

  • Donald Russell

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  • PROCEDURE: One random member of staff to be audited once a week, as stated in the Personal Hygiene Audit Procedure (P011).

Person being checked - Details.

Spot check questions.

  • Is hair net being worn correctly covering hair and ears?

  • Is beard snood being worn correctly and fully covering all facial hair?

  • Is protective boiler suit clean and in good condition?

  • Is protective footwear being worn that is suitable and in good condition?

  • No false fingernails, nail varnish or any type of nail art?

  • Not wearing any type of jewellery, watches or any visual decorative art (including piercings) other than a plain wedding band. Special dispensation given for medical condition requirements.

  • Are hands of an acceptable cleanliness (including nails)?

  • Not wearing perfume or aftershave as may taint meat?

  • Is make up minimal in application (including no false eyelashes)?

  • No outdoor clothing visible outside of boiler suit?

  • Any other specific PPE equipment in good condition and cleanliness?

Audit Outcome

  • Audit passed?

Follow up Audit

  • Follow up Audit required?

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