Staff Area

  • Locker assignment

  • Fridge & staff amenities including storage of ice packs in door only

  • Deputy Kiosk system operation & access, outline of staff communication method & delivery

  • Rostering & use of Deputy, how shifts are rostered

  • Kiosk portal access required?

  • Door closed requirement during key hours (drop off & pick up)


  • Legislation & Regulations

  • Accreditation information & location

  • Parent portal for sign in/out

  • Parent application of sunscreen & hand washing processes

  • Answering of telephone - 'Good monring/afternoon, Ohana Early Learning this .......'


  • Staff & children at risk medical information & location

  • Incident forms and recording of information

Educational Rooms

  • Room names & age groups

  • Parent communication book

  • Staff information & communication is conducted via Deputy (see later induction items)

  • Education/Curriculum plan for the month

  • Staff in room for the week

  • Location of art & craft

  • Reporting & recording of notified child absences via Deputy

  • Roll check every day at 11:00AM, reporting of differences via Deputy


  • Entry door to be locked at all times

  • Washing up process

  • Morning & afternoon tea process

  • Fridge temperature & cleanliness

  • Fridge in Turtles Room


  • Location & use of chemicals

  • Location of MSDS - paper & electronic via Google drive


  • Outdoor checklist process & requirements

  • Sunscreen application

  • Supervision plan

  • Outdoor curriculum location & current outline

  • Process for leaving playground

Electronic Access & Information

  • Use of iPad

  • Refer to Use of Technology policy

  • Use of Google drive - access & content outline

  • Policies & Procedure - location & access

  • Educational information

  • Deputy app for communication - sign on & out for shift within App

  • Viewing class rolls for the week

  • Taking of photos of children for daily presentation & observations

  • Use of Safety Checklists via iAuditor App on iPads

  • Printing of forms and procedures via iPads

  • Daily recording of information (electronic vs. paper scanning)


  • Rostering & under roof ratio outline

  • Noted as completed & signed by staff & inductee

  • Copy printed for Inductee

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