Laboratories and Associated Areas

General environment

  • Is there a door sign with Academic's name, health & safety signage and emergency contacts? If not please specify what's missing.

  • Is it comfortable with good lighting, temperature, furniture, flooring, fixtures and fittings?

  • Are access, egress, fire exits all free from obstructions and trip hazards, e.g. Electric cables. If not please specify.

  • Is the first aid box fully stocked up and contents in date? Is eyewash bottle in date?

  • Check ladders and kick stool are in good condition with a visible check label. Has personnel been on ladder training?

  • Are toilets, showers and kitchenette area clean and tidy? (Please check microwave and fridges)

  • Any other comments?

Training and Inductions

  • Have all personnel attended a School H&S induction and a local induction?

  • Do personnel know he fire alarm testing time, evacuation procedures and assembly point?

  • Do personnel know how to report accident/ incident and building issues?

  • Is there an up to date safety folder present, containing risk assessment, COSHH forms and Material Safety Data Sheets?

  • Any other comments?

Lab environment

  • Are all chemicals correctly segregated and stored?

  • Is the lab free from clutter and build up of waste, e.g. Solvent bottles. If not please specify

  • Is at least 50% of each fume hoods clean and free from clutter? Is the sash height at correct level?

  • Are fridges and freezers labelled spark proof? If not are they free from flammable chemicals?

  • Is there any compressed gases in use? If so, is the room ventilated or fitted with gas alarms? Check cylinder is properly secured with an in date regulator.

  • Is Allianz Inspection up to date for pressure systems, LEVs and lifting equipment?

  • Any other comments?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Please note down the names of anyone present in the lab/workshop without PPE at the time of the inspection. Please include details of their supervisor.

  • Are lab coats stored in designated place in a safe and tidy manner?

  • Do personnel have access to appropriate and well fitting safety glasses?

  • Do personnel have access to good corrosive resistant, heat resistant and cryogenic resistant gloves?

  • If UV visor are used, are they labelled as such and free from scratches?

  • Any other comments?

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