Day's since last site visit by staff

Grass Cutting
Weed Spraying
Litter Picking
Standard of site

Totally unacceptable standard = 1
Acceptable standard = 5
Exceptional standard = 10

On arrival to site score the overall standard of the grounds maintenance between 1-10

You have scored the site standard less than 2 if required take immediate action if a site visit is not due a visit soon and record actions.

Have you needed to taken action immediately to improve to standard?

Standard of site once remedial action has been carried out
Standard considering days that have lapsed

Is site standard acceptable considering time since last visit?

Any contributing factors if standard is not acceptable?

Fly tipping

Are there any fly tips on site?

Action taken to ensure the fly tip is removed or passed on to the responsible person please record actions below

Site standard evidence photos
Condition photo's please take a minimum of 5 pictures covering various aspects of the site. On each site audit where possible take images of the same areas with a landmark in view.
Repairs or H&S concerns

Have you noticed any H&S concerns or needed to report any repairs? Log job number, completion date and CSC agents name below. Any taken or passed on to responsible person please also record below

Job details or actions taken:

General comments or actions taken

Please add any additional comments or actions taken.

Recommendations to client

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