Vehicle Photos
1. Please take six photos of the Vehicle this should be of the front, rear, both sides of the vehicle, cab area and in the back.
Vehicle condition

1. Are the tyres in good condition, road legal and wheel trims in place with no damage?

Action taken


2. Is the body of the vehicle free from damage?

Action taken


3. Are headlights and rear stop lights free from damage?

Action taken


4. Is the windscreen free from damage, cracks or chips?

Action taken


5. Is the interior clean?

State condition and actions taken

6. Is the exterior clean?

State condition and actions taken

7. Are all handbooks in the vehicle?

Action taken

Vehicle Checks

1. Lights Checked?

2. Indicators checked?

3. Horn Checked?

4. Water Checked?

5. Oil Checked?

6. First Aid Box?

7. Fire Extinguisher?

8. Copy of insurance certificate?

12. Window wipers & washers checked ?

13. Mirrors checked ?

14. Internal racks secure & in good condition ?

15. Stored materials safe & secure ?

16. Seats, seatbelts secure, intact & working ?

17. Spare wheel, jack & brace available ?

18. Tyres checked for correct pressure and tread ?

19. Vehicle I.D numbers all in place ?

20. Are " How's my driving " stickers in place ?

21. Is your Waste Transfer Note within the vehicle?

22. Is the load secure?

Comments and signing off

Any other defects or comments ?

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