• Plumbing Final Inspection

  • Conducted on:

  • Prepared by:

  • Address:
  • Plumbing Approval Number:

  • Inspection Notes:

  • Notice of work received?

  • Sewer Service Diagram received?

  • Certificate of Compliance received?

  • All previous inspections performed and tracked?

  • Water meter, stand pipe and tap support post been installed?

  • Standard property vertical properly terminated?

  • Boundary traps where applicable?

  • Gully trap 150 below lowest fixture?

  • Roof flashing adequate?

  • Hot water unit - insulation of outlet pipe?

  • Hot water unit - relief valve discharge?

  • Tempering valve (where installed)?

  • Pipe penetrations sealed?

  • Taps - no leaks?

  • Showers sealed?

  • Traps to fixtures- no leaks?

  • Rainwater tanks - back flow prevention, signage and overflow?

Inspection Outcome

  • Inspection Result

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