• Document No.

  • Conducted on

  • Property Address

Final Plumbing Inspection

  • Type of Work

  • Pressure Limiting Valve (Max Pressure 500 kpa) Fitted

  • Vacuum Breakers Fitted To All External Taps

  • Overflow Gully Compliant

  • Inspection Shaft

  • Down pipe Installation

  • Sanitary Vent Compliant with AS/NZS3500 and BAL Assessment

  • Stormwater Pit Outlet Sealed?

  • Internal Fixtures Securely Fitted

  • Internal Sanitary Drainage

  • Internal Sanitary Plumbing E.g. Hot left, Cold Right - Mini stops - Pipe Extensions - Traps - Plug & Waste

  • Fixture WaterMark?

  • Hot Water Cylinder Installation,Safety Tray, Overflow and Relief Valve

  • Solar Hot Water Installation (if applicable) Compliant?

  • Tempering/Thermostatic Mixing Valve

  • Tempered Water Below 50 deg C

  • Onsite Wastewater Management System

  • Plumber / Owner Present

  • Plumbing Installation Fit For Occupancy?

  • Final Plumbing Inspection Passed

  • Non-Compliant File Notes

  • Non-Compliant Photos

  • Inspection File Notes

Permit Authority Section

  • Certificate of Sewerage and Water Compliance Received

  • As Constructed Drainage Plan Supplied

  • Form 71B Standard of Works Certificate - Roof Plumbing Received

  • Form 71B Standard of Works Certificate - Plumbing Received

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