• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Business purpose? (what does the business do)

  • Senior site representative? (name, title, phone, email)

  • Can we receive a copy of the organisation chart?

  • Number of workers at site?

  • Blue/ white collar quantities?

  • Core/ major classifications/ roles in the business?

  • Permanent/ Non permanent quantities?

  • Are there position descriptions available for all classifications/ roles? (list relevant classifications/roles)

  • Can we receive copies of relevant position descriptions?

Key Business Representatives

  • Who is the WHS Manager or equivalent representative? (name, title, phone, email)

  • Who is the WHS Officer(s)? (name, title, phone, email)

  • Who is the Return to Work Coordinator? (name, title, phone, email)

  • Who is the Payroll Coordinator? (name, title, phone, email)

  • Who is the Accounts Payable Coordinator? (name, title, phone, email)

WHS System

  • Is there a working WHS system for the site?<br>If "Yes", what is the name of the system. <br>If "No", how does the business manage site safety?

  • Does the business review and update the WHS system to meet relevant legislative and industry requirements?

  • Does the business conduct external audits of the WHS system?<br>If "Yes", how regularly?

WHS Commitment

  • Are ALL workers subject to the same conditions of the site WHS system, procedures and processes?

Site Safety Induction

  • Does the business undertake site safety and orientation inductions for new workers? <br>If "No", how does the business orientate new workers?

  • Can we receive a copy of the induction documents/ tool?

  • Is the induction formal or informal?

  • What day and time is the site safety induction conducted?

  • Induction duration?

  • Who conducts the site safety and orientation inductions?

  • Inductor details? (name, title, phone, email)

Site Safety Induction: Content

  • Business purpose?

  • Key Business Policies?

  • WHS management philosophies?

  • WHS management tools? (risk assessments, lock out/ tag out procedures, etc)

  • Evacuation procedure?

  • Incident/ accident reporting procedure?

  • PPE requirements?

  • Identifies WHS representatives?

  • Identifies first aid representatives?

  • Guided site tour?

  • Do inductees complete an induction assessment?

Risk Management

  • Does the business conduct site-related risk assessments?

  • Does the business conduct role &/ or task-related risk assessments?<br>If "No", how does the business satisfy WHS risk management legislation?

  • How does the business ensure that high risk work is conducted by appropriately qualified workers?

  • Does the business have documented procedures for the following:

  • Confined space?

  • Working at heights?

  • Manual handling?

  • Hazardous substances?

Risk Management: Tools

  • Does the business have current risk assessments for ALL common or typical tasks?

  • Tools Used:

  • Pre Start Checks? (machinery, plant/ vehicles, power tools)

  • Safe Operating Procedures? (SOP)

  • Safe Work Method Statement? (SWMS)

  • Job Safety Assessment? (JSA)

  • Safe Work Procedure? (SWP)

  • Personal Risk Assessment? (Take 5)

  • How are changes to risk assessment documents/ tools communicated to workers? (list methods)

  • Can we receive a copy of the relevant risk assessment tool(s) for issuance to our employee prior to initiating work at the business site?

Risk Management: Workers

  • What level of supervision does the business provide to workers?

  • Do workers participate in risk assessments prior to commencing ALL tasks?

  • Are risk assessments signed off by participant workers & copies retained by the business?

  • How does the business encourage, coordinate & maintain worker participation in risk assessment?

  • How does the business collect and maintain the records of worker licences & tickets?

WHS Consultation

  • Does the business consult with the workers?

  • What is the formal consultation arrangement?

  • How often do formal WHS meetings occur?

  • If "Other", provide detail.

  • Who typically attends WHS meetings? (list attendees)

WHS Communication: how does the business disseminate information?

  • Toolbox talks? <br>If "Yes", how regularly do toolbox talks occur?

  • Notice boards? <br>If "Yes", how often are notice boards updated?

  • Newsletters? <br>If "Yes", how often are they distributed?

  • Online - Intranet, email?

  • General meetings?

  • Other? (list detail)

Workplace Inspections: How does the business undertake WHS inspections?

  • Safety Observation?<br>If "Yes", how regularly?

  • Workplace Inspection?<br>If "Yes", how regularly?

  • Internal Audit?<br>If "Yes", how regularly?

  • External Audit?<br>If "Yes", how regularly?

  • Who conducts the internal observations/ inspections/ audits?

  • If "Other", provide detail.

  • How are identified issues resolved? (ie; reported to WHS committee, authority sought & provided, necessary work completed).

Injury Statistics: previous 12 months

  • Lost time injury (LTI)? <br>If "Yes", list quantity & brief detail for each.

  • Medical treatment injury (MTI)? <br>If "Yes", list quantity & brief detail for each.

  • First aid treatment? <br>If "Yes", list quantity.

  • Near miss incidents? <br>If "Yes", list quantity & brief detail for each.

  • Injury Categories.

  • Sprains & Strains?<br>If "Yes", quantity

  • Cuts & Abrasions?<br>If "Yes", quantity

  • Eyes?<br>If "Yes", quantity

  • Psychological (bullying, stress)?<br>If "Yes", quantity

  • Other?<br>If "Yes", quantity & brief detail for each.

Injury Treatment

  • Forsythes insist that ALL injuries incurred by our employees are reported to Forsythes immediately. Excluding emergency situations, Forsythes utilise the services of preferred medical service providers for medical treatment injuries.

  • Does the business have an injury treatment management plan?

  • Does the business offer return to work suitable duties for ALL workers?

Incident Reporting

  • Does the business have an accident/ incident management plan?

  • How do workers communicate with the business.

  • Accident/ Incident report book?

  • Accident/ Incident report form?

  • WHS representative/ Health Safety Representative/ WHS Committee

  • Supervisor/ Team Leader

  • Will the business conduct a collaborative & transparent investigation for accidents/ incidents involving Forsythes workers?

Site Facilities & Amenities

  • Does the business offer the following amenities:

  • Lunchroom: fridge, microwave, sufficient seating?<br>If "No", list alternative arrangements.

  • Toilets?<br>If "No", list alternative arrangements.

  • Showers?<br>If "No", list alternative arrangements.

  • Lockers/ personal storage?<br>If "No", list alternative arrangements.

  • First Aid room?<br>If "No", list alternative arrangements.

  • Off street parking?<br>If "No", list alternative arrangements.

  • Smoking area?<br>If " No", list alternative arrangements.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Which party will supply the following items.

  • Safety footwear (steel cap)?

  • Minimum Standard:

  • If "Other" (detail)

  • Shirt?

  • Minimum Standard:

  • If "Other" (detail)

  • Pants?

  • Minimum Standard:

  • If "Other" (detail)

  • Safety Eyewear?

  • Minimum Standard:

  • If "Other" (detail)

  • Hearing Protection?

  • Minimum Standard:

  • If "Other" (detail)

  • Gloves?

  • Minimum Standard:

  • If "Other" (detail)

  • Hard hat?

  • Minimum Standard:

  • If "Other" (detail)

  • Respiratory equipment?

  • Minimum Standard (detail):

  • Other (list):

Pre Deployment Processes: Medical

  • Pre Employment Medical?

  • "Assemble" the required pre employment medical assessment using the below specific components. If a pre employment medical assessment is not requested, however, specific examinations are, select below as required.

  • Physical examination?

  • Spirometry (lung function)?

  • Audiometry (hearing)?

  • Drug & Alcohol?

  • If "Yes", Urine - instant or laboratory? Saliva?

  • ECG ( Heart)?

  • Pathology (blood tests)?<br>if "Yes", list reason for test(s) & test types to be completed.

  • Functional Capacity Assessment?

  • Other (list)?

Pre Deployment Processes: Background Assessment

  • Criminal History?

  • Working with Children?

  • Qualifications?

  • Other (list)?

General Comments

Site Attendance & Inspection Frequency

  • Minimum Expectation:

Assessment Validation

  • Business Representative:

  • Business Representative (if applicable):

  • Forsythes Representative:

  • Forsythes Representative (if applicable):

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