• Walkways are clearly defined and clear of obstructions?

  • Walking surface is maintained to prevent slips, trips and falls?

  • Hand rails are fitted where required and maintained?

  • Disabled access is provided and maintained?


  • Premises are clean and tidy?

  • Waste disposal facilities are provided for all types of waste and can cope with all generated waste?

  • Pest controls are in place (ie; fly screens, baits)?


  • Toilets are maintained in a safe and healthy condition, are clean and well stocked?

  • Cool drinking water is readily available?

  • Meals rooms are maintained in a safe and healthy condition and have adequate kitchen facilities?


  • Natural ventilation is used to remove stale air odours (ie; roller doors, windows)?

  • Mechanical ventilation is used as necessary to minimise unhealthy breathing conditions (ie; fume extractors, fans)?

  • Ventilation where provided in workplaces is working (ie; air conditioning)?


  • Lights are in working order and light fittings and diffusers are maintained in a clean state?

  • Lighting does not create excessive glare, reflection, flickering or shadows?

  • Illuminated exit signs and notices are in working order?

Working Space

  • Sufficient working space is provided and maintained in work areas/ stations to work and move around without collisions?

  • Equipment is positioned so that the operator cannot be accidentally bumped or distracted?

Electrical Plant

  • Inspection, testing and tagging program is used, tags are current and records maintained?

  • Switches and power points are in good condition?

  • Double adaptors and piggy backs are not in use?

  • Power leads are in good condition?

Stacking and Storage

  • Racking and shelving is secure and capable of supporting intended loads?

  • Cabinets are not overloaded or untidy?

  • Goods are securely stacked with the heaviest items at the bottom and do not overhang shelves?

Hazardous Substances

  • MSDS are current and readily accessible? Where are the MSDS stored (type answer)?

  • Containers that retain a hazardous substance are appropriately labelled and designed for the purpose?

First Aid

  • Names and identities of first aid officers are displayed?

  • The first aid room/ station is appropriately signposted?

  • First aid kits are appropriate, readily accessible, inspected and stocked as according to regulations?

Emergency Response

  • Emergency procedures are displayed including telephone numbers of emergency services?

  • Emergency wardens have been appointed, trained and identified?

  • Fire exits and routes are clearly marked, easily identifiable and free from obstruction?

  • Fire extinguishers suitable to the type of fire that may occur are available, serviced as according to minimum regulations (every 6 months) and free from obstruction?

Manual Handling

  • All materials and equipment can be carried easily?

  • Mechanical aids such as trolleys, trolley jacks or hoists are used where required?

  • Workers are trained in manual handling techniques and the use of mechanical aids?


  • Chairs are height and tilt adjustable?

  • Computer hardware (ie; monitor, keyboard) are adjustable?

WHS Documentation

  • Site WHS rules and signage are displayed?

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