• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Select date

  • Image of load

  • Description, Identification, serial number


  • Is the crane certified to make the lift

  • Is the crane operator comfortable making the lift

  • Crane hook and block in good repair and are safety latches in place on hook


  • Slings in date

  • Slings free of pinched cables, bird cages, broken strands

  • Synthetic slings not showing signs of wear, worn spots, indicator threads showing

  • Are they the right sling for the job, rated, right angle, not too short or too long

  • Slings: has the certificates been reviewed, are they Onsite.

Spreader bar

  • Certificate in date

  • Is the spread correct for the application

  • Any abnormal wear patterns on the spreader bar


  • Shackles: all shackles used are the same manufacture

  • Shackles: Proper pin used that was supplied by manufacturer

  • Shackles: all the same size and rating

  • Are shackles on good certified lifting points

Dropped Objects

  • Have all loose items been removed from the load, are all objects staying on the load secured so not to fall or dislodge and shift the load

Tag lines

  • Tag lines: at least two tag lines, preferably four

  • Tag lines: are they long enough for the job

  • Tag lines: no knots or horse tails on the tag lines


  • Lifting points center the load, will it shift with lifting off the deck

  • Is the load going around a high risk area

  • Is the travel path clear of personnel

  • Will either positions shift or move when the lift is lifted or placed in its new position

  • Is the lift heavy or complex enough to have an engineered solution.

  • Is a copy of the lifting program on site for complex or heavy lifts

Completed safety Pre-lift Checklist

  • This load is safe and ready for lift

  • Authorizing signature

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