Pre-Task: Hot Work Checklist (Burning, Welding, and Grinding)



Site / Project

Is a competent person, trained for hot works going to undertake these works?

Full Name of Competent Person

Description of Hot Work
Start Time
What type of work are you doing?

Detail the type of work being completed

Describe the work being completed

Estimated Stop Time
Pre-Work Checklist

Has all flammable / combustible material been removed from work area?

Fire protection systems are present and in working order

Equipment and machinery to be used has been inspected and verified to be in a good condition

Floor and ground has been cleared of combustible materials (and wet down if applicable)

Are fire watch personal present?

Work areas have been cleared of combustible / hazardous materials? Fire sheets have been used to isolate hazards where appropriate?

Flammable liquids and other hazards removed from area?

Is fire watch personal equipped with proper fire extinguisher?

Nearby personnel are aware of works and relevant safety procedures?

Is proper signage posted?

Have the general safety precautions been reviewed?

Do relevant personnel have adequate PPE to complete this taks safely?

Sign off
Name & signature of Site Foreman / Supervisor
Name & signature of Competent Person completing works