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  • Clean doors , inc finger plates and kick plates , vision panes , signs and hinges where accessible .

  • Mop , hoover or machine clean floors .

  • Remove surface dust , finger marks, smears , stains from handles, frames , bannisters, skirtings and furniture.

General office / Meeting rooms

  • Empty waste bins , wipe casing and replace liners , all waste to be taken to processing area .

  • Sweep and or hoover to remove dust and debris.

  • Remove surface dust , smears , and stains from desks ,doors , handles , frames , signs and furniture.

Corridors and walkways

  • Mop, hoover or machine clean floors inc into corners and edges .

  • Remove surface dust , smears , stains from doors , handles, frames, signs , skirtings and furniture.

Washrooms / Toilets /showers

  • Sweep and mop all floors inc inside off cubicles around and behind base of toilet and into all corners and edges.

  • Clean complete toilet inside and out .

  • Clean urinals inside and out inc pipe work and surrounding wall .

  • Clean all showers , basins , taps , vanity units , sanitary bins and hand dryers or towel dispensers.

  • Clean all doors , and walls as per specification.

  • Empty bins, wipe casings and replace liners.

  • Replenish consumables .

Stairs ,landings and lifts

  • Sweep ,mop, or hoover depending on the surface treads and risers .

  • Clean passenger lift , walls , glass,and doors inside and out , mop or hoover floor .

  • Remove surface dust , smears , and stains , from doors , handles , frames , signs , bannisters and skirtings.

Canteen / kitchens

  • Ensure all floors are free of gum , and debris then sweep floor .<br>Ensure where applicable carpets are hoovered .

  • Fully mop floor inc under tables .

  • Empty waste bins , wipe casings and replace liners , all waste to be taken to waste processing area .

  • Dust or wash all window ledges , skirtings, barriers and wall protectors.

Locker rooms

  • Sweep and mop all floors .

  • Dust tops of all lockers .

  • Empty bins and replace liners .

External areas

  • All external waste bins emptied.

  • All external areas free from debris and rubbish .

Site compliance

  • Please confirm site is fully staffed to contractual agreement.

  • Please confirm all staff in uniform .

  • Please confirm all electrical equipment is pat tested .<br><br>

  • Date of next planned pat test needed please enter in action above .

  • Please confirm all equipment is fit for purpose and working effectively.

  • Please confirm all cleaning and storage cupboards are clean and tidy .

  • Please confirm the site have sufficient materials and consumables.

  • Please confirm and provide a picture that all staff are fully trained and the site folder is up-to date and on site .

  • Please confirm the appearance of PSS staff is in line with contractual expectations.

  • Please confirm the service standards are in line with the expectations of the contractual agreement.

  • Please confirm the overall level of contractual compliance.

  • Follow up actions enter here .

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