Food Hall

  • Hard and resilient flooring.

  • Freudenberg flooring only including top and bottom plates of Escalators.

  • Strata Tiles.

  • Trolley Bays.

  • Underneath Raised Racking.

  • Till Points (16 weekly task).

  • Refrigeration Units (26 weekly Task).

Collect by Car & Customer Ordering Points

  • Flooring.

  • Ambient shelving (8 weekly/daytime cleaning).

  • Surface Tops.

  • Till & VDU Components, including sides and bases.

Store Wide

  • Front of house (internal & external).

  • Entrance doors

  • Barrier Matting.

  • Sluice Room / Cleaning Compounds / Cleaning Cupboards.

Customer Toilets

  • Porcelain items - WCs, Urinals & Sinks.

  • Walls, Tiled Walls, Partitions and Doors.

  • Flooring.

  • Cisterns, pipes and fittings.

  • Baby change units.

  • Dispensing Units, to include Soap Dispensers, Toilet Roll Dispensers, Sanitary Bins, Roller Towel dispensers, Hand Dryers, etc.

  • Mirrors.

  • Waste Bins.

  • Soft Furnishings (parent & baby room only).

Backstage Areas

  • Refrigerator Units in Staff Locker rooms.

Shower Rooms

  • Floors.

  • Shower Heads, taps and Pipework.

  • Shower Screens.

  • Shower Base & Drains.

  • Extract Fans (monthly daytime cleaning).

Staff Toilet Areas

  • Porcelain items - WCs, Urinals and Sinks.

  • Walls, Tiled Walls , Partitions and Doors.

  • Flooring.

  • Cisterns, Pipes and Fittings.

  • Dispensers to include Soap Dispensers, Toilet Roll Dispensers, Roller Towels and Hand Dryers.

  • Mirrors.

  • Waste Bins.

Cold Rooms

  • Floors (weekly)

  • Fan Guards (twice yearly).

  • Ceiling, Lights and Walls (twice yearly)

M&S Bank / Bureau De Change (if applicable)

  • Flooring both hard flooring and carpeted.

  • Glass doors and other internal glass.

  • Partition walls throughout.

  • Seating.

  • Furniture to include cabinets, telephones, sills, pictures, fixtures and fittings and coffee tables.

  • ATM Screens, TV and Media Screens.

  • Counter areas.

General Merchandise

  • Carpeted Flooring.

  • Hard Flooring.

  • Mirrors.

  • Doors.

  • Till Points.

  • Touch Screen Order Points.

  • Browse & Order Hubs.

  • Customer Seating.

Fitting Rooms

  • Carpeted Areas.

  • Hard Flooring.

  • Walls, Partitions & Doors.

  • Customer Seating.

  • Lighting.

Service Desk

  • Service Desks, tops, sides and bases.

  • Flooring.

  • Refuse Bins.

Store Wide.

  • Customer Staircases & Landings.

  • Escalators.

  • Customer Lifts including Scenic Lifts.

  • Refuse Bins.

  • Fire Fighting Equipment.

  • Telephones.

  • Internal ATMs.

External Shop Front.

  • Confectionery Stands.

  • Food Office.

  • Doors (internal).

Backstage Areas

  • Doors.

  • Staircase and Landings including Handrails.

  • Stockrooms.

  • Goods Lifts.

  • Corridors both carpeted and hard floor.

Backstage Locker Rooms.

  • Carpeted and Hard Flooring.

  • Locker Doors, ledges and Mirrors.

Backstage Offices, Training Rooms and Retail Academy.

  • Carpeted and Hard Flooring.

  • Office Furniture to include Desks, Chairs and Cabinets.

  • Sills, pictures, fixtures and fittings.

Window Cleaning.

  • Weekly Window Cleaning schedules complete?

Periodical Cleaning.

  • Periodical Cleaning schedules complete?

Health & Safety

  • Is the Noticeboard correct and up to date?

  • Is the Site File correct and up to date?

  • Is there good Colour Code segregation in place?

  • Are all Chemicals within the cleaners compound on APTU List?

  • Is all Machinery in a well maintained and acceptable condition?

  • Is all Machinery PAT Tested to statutory requirements?

  • Is the Accident Book available/being used? Are there any completed forms in the book?

  • Are Cleaning Operatives wearing the correct uniform?

Management Sign Off.

  • Premium Representative

  • Signature

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