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Product is free of damage

Product is free of water damage

Product is free of deterioration

Product is free of dirt/dust


Product follows standard size

Product is free of deformities


Predominant colors are acceptable

Trim and minor colors are acceptable

Detailing is appropriately clear

Print is free of smudges and defects


Product weight is within the acceptable tolerance

Product's center of mass is within the acceptable tolerance


Product material is within the acceptable strength (e.g., not brittle)

Material is free of deformities

Material is free from impurities

Material is appropriately sealed


Product functions according to its design

Product rotates, move and adjusts as expected

Product moves within safe ranges

Product does not make any unexpected or grinding noises


Packaging is free from deformities

Packaging is free of machine marks and scrapes

Print on the packaging is free from smudges or discoloration

Print on packaging is clear

Padding is free of defects and deformities

Product fits securely into packaging

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Overall, is the product in acceptable condition?

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